Skywalker’s VH (Virgin Horseshoe)

19 PAX joined YHC in the relatively cool but humid gloom for a the first horseshoe action Skywalker has seen.  I suspected it was going to suck……and it did.  After a serious disclaimer and a scan for FNGs we got started.

The Thang:

Mosey around the Skywalker ‘track’

Warm up

SSH x 20

Cotton Pickers x 15

Windmills x 15

Tempo Merkins x 10

Skywalker Horseshoe (all exercises x 20)


Run Lap

Merkins, Apollo Onos

Run Lap

Merkins, Apollo Onos, Scorpion Dry docks

Run Lap

Merkins, Apollo Onos, Scorpion Dry docks, LBCs

Run Lap

Merkins, Apollo Onos, Scorpion Dry docks, LBCs, Squats

Run Lap

Apollo Onos, Scorpion Dry docks, LBCs, Squats

Run Lap

Scorpion Dry docks, LBCs, Squats

Run Lap

Dry docks, LBCs, Squats

Run Lap

LBCs, Squats

Run Lap



Pretzel Crunch x 15??

Low Flutter x 10

Low Dolly x 10

Homer to Marge x ??

Rosalita x 10


– It was a true pleasure leading all of you today, thanks for playing along!

– Good job by everyone today, that was a tough little circuit.  Welcome and welcome back to all the first and second timers!   Tclaps to all the PAX of this AO for keeping strong numbers – there are already a good number of ‘regulars’!

– Anyone interested in Q-ing here is the link to sign up. Skywalker Q sign-up.

– Also, if you’re not receiving the daily MECA email here is the link to subscribe: MECA Daily Update



4 thoughts on “Skywalker’s VH (Virgin Horseshoe)

  1. Grinder

    Good stuff out there today @Sugar. I think it’s safe to say that everyone received a solid beatdown.

    Did anyone else see @Rockatansky on the last lap? That dude was still flying up and down those hills. Way to push yourself, good work!

    Great to see so many of the newer guys out there, keep posting and you will keep getting better.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    Great job this morning men. It’s been a week since I been back to F3Skywalker and looks like you newer men are sticking with it. I hear from @Harding that he will be bringing more FNG’s on Friday after a discussion with the men at the Skybrook pool. Keep on EHing men, this is a great AO and lots of potential to bring in more #SadClowns to F3.

    @Grinder – Are we at 12 FNG’s now?

    Thanks for joining us @Chowder even though you were 1 minute late. Not letting it go even though you gave me an excuse for your 1 minute delay.

    @Sugar – I couldn’t let the slippage go on the cartpath route. @Chowder must have been talking when you called the audible.

    1. Sugar Post author

      @Chowder’s always talking, right? (No offense, @Chowder) It’s very possible that you may have missed the audible because it might have been called from the cart path.

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