14 PAX and YHC embraced the day the Lord has made to cure the iron and sharpen one another.

The Disclaimer was given, YHC is not a professional but did watch American Ninja Warrior last night

Warm up

Mosey to lower parking lot launching the Cruise

In Cadence

Side straddle hop x 15


1 Burpee

See the routine…

Imperial Storm Trooper x 15

2 Burpee

Windmill x 15

3 Burpee

Cotton Picker x 15

4 Burpee

Slow Squat x 10

5 Burpee

Mosey to Outback

The Thang

Partner up for Pull-ups/Merkins cross ladder Pull-ups 3-5-7-10 & Merkins 10-7-5-3 down

Triple up – each team needs 1 tire 1 Cinder Block

Team does 100 Curls 100 Standing presses

Tire Flip while 3rd partner LBC down range

Alt to finish Reps

Round 2

50 Rows 50 Squat

Farmer Walk while 3rd partner WW2 sit ups down range (slightly closer)

Triple push/pulls – everyone gets a turn

Complete the ladder 7-5-3 pull-up/Merkin ladder

Mosey to Start Point for Mary

In Cadence

LBCs x 15

Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side

Homer to Marge a few times

Low Flutter x 10

Squirm (for Pharaoh and because YHC was done) x 10

NakedMan Moleskin

It was an honor to lead the group this morning for my V Q.  Thanks Dutch for the nudge and prep work.  Dingo the ‘virtual’ mini-Q school at least planted the seed to lead.

Encourage other guys to step out and up.  Hope everyone enjoyed the downPAINment today.

Great work pushing today

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      1. Bloodsport Post author

        That was a great warmup I thought … Something about copying as a compliment or something. Looking forward to apft tomorrow

  1. Dutch

    nice VQ BloodSport – we don’t need no stinkin’ Q school…. just kidding of course. Way to step up -even w/o a Q school. guys I encourage you to step up a lead a beatdown, it’s a lot of fun to administer some pain and hear.. and ignore the mumble chatter. I hear Dingo will has done some voluntolding to some of the PAX, so be prepared! :).

    Call or text any of the veterans for some ideas!

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