Wounds from a Friend…

11 soon-to-be “wounded warriors” gave their legs a little wake-up call in this morning’s (mostly) lower extremity-focused workout. YHC had been working upper body all week and needed a break from that. The nice thing about being the Q is that you can tailor the workout however you want. 🙂  I had also been pondering Proverbs 27:6 which says, “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” We meet together in the gloom in order to “wound” one another, but in such a way to make us better men – physically, mentally, relationally, spiritually. A problem with the average man in our culture is that he does not have other men in his life who care enough for him to “wound” him. He prefers to surround himself with the “kisses” of flattery, comfort, and convenience…and in doing so he remains a Sad Clown. But not these men…and not today. So let’s get to it!


  • Mosey down to soccer field with high knees, butt kickers, stoli skips, karaokes, and backwards run.
  • SSH, Merkins, IST, Diamond Merkins, SCP (“Sleepy Cotton Pickers”), Wide Merkins, Quad Stretch, Calf Stretch.


  • Indian Run to new school and partner up at bottom of stairs.
  • (Insert lots of mumble chatter / whining about the icky mud and slippery ground here)
  • P1: One-legged calf raises on stairs / P2: Sprint stairs, across top of hill and back around to P1, then switch. Repeat with opposite calf.
  • P1: Two-legged calf raises on stairs / P2: Hop stairs, across top and back to P1, then switch.
  • P1: Two-legged calf raises with toes pointed in / P2: Bear crawl stairs, across top and back, then switch.
  • Indian Run back to soccer fields (back man does 3 Burpees).
  • Line up on walkway for 2-10 ladder (even numbers): 2 Power Jacks, sprint field, 10 Jump Squats at bottom of hill, Quadraphilia up hill, 10 Jump Lunges (each leg), back down hill, 10 Jump Squats, sprint field…repeato increasing Power Jacks by 2 and decreasing Lunges by 2 each round. After you finish, join up with someone who has not finished until everyone is done.


  • People’s Q Mary with lots of great exercises (and some terrible counting by Urlacher!).

3 thoughts on “Wounds from a Friend…

  1. Man Down Post author

    Thanks for coming out men! As I said this morning, I encourage you to seek out other men who will love you enough to wound you with the truth. Have a great weekend!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one Man Down. Legs are really feeling it this morning. Glad tomorrow is a day off.

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