Mumblechatter at Early Edition

10 men came together to enjoy the humid weather and some heavy mumblechatter from the likes of Chowder and Dingo this morning. After a quick disclaimer, we took off for the workout.

– SSH x 15
– IST x 13
– Cotton Picker x 12

During the warmup Chowder noticed that Dingo was nowhere to be found, even though his truck was around. We noticed when Dingo returned that he seemed to be quicker on his feet.

The Thang
Indian run to the school (we found the stairs!)
– Sprint up the stairs, making sure to hit every step, for 5 trips
– Repeato

We noticed that Sully was really fast on the stairs.

Mosey to the rocks (and get a rock)
Round 1
– bicep curls x 10
– shoulder press x 10
– chest press x 10
– pullover x 10
– Squat x 10 (slow count)

Round 2
– bicep curls x 10
– shoulder press x 10
– chest press x 10
– squat x 10 (regular count)
– pullover x 10

I had to mix things up on the second round when some of the PAX refused to actually recover when I said they needed to. #listentotheQ

Mosey to the playground
– pullups x 10
– dips x 10
– WWII situps x 10
– jump squats x 10
REPEATO for three total rounds

Mosey to the shelter at the baseball fields and wait for the six. Mosey to the soccer field.

At this point Chowder bailed because he had to get to Mint Hill this morning for the inagural saturday workout at 7.

We did four sets of three exercises at the soccer field. Each set included 30 seconds of the exercise and 30 seconds break.
– Exercise 1: Frog hop (hands behind your head like the IST and hop forward until 30 seconds were up)
– Exercise 2: Split lunge jump
– Exercise 3: Burpee

Mosey back to the parking lot for some PAX led Mary.

– It’s always a pleasure to lead the PAX. Strong showing on this muggy morning.
– Dingo and Chowder really love the mumblechatter. Threw me off a few times, but I recovered.
– King Tiger 5K next Saturday. Tradition/Precinct will have a tent.
– Healthy Eating Challenge starts on Monday.

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  1. Trail Mix

    Thanks Jelly, thorough beatdown this morning. Those frog jumps make me realize just how much I rely on my arms for broad jumps. I was definitely feeling it after that.

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