Dingo Urine, Pineapple Juice and a lil’ Garnish

5, yes 5, Speedsters decided to start their day the right way with a simple, perfect weather beatdown.

The Thang:
=>Head off to the bus lot with some line touches, Stoli skips and butt kickers.

DropCloth Track Half Mile

  • After racing around the rock (the big one by the light post, you can’t miss it) at Middle School, partner up
  • Partner 1 runs lap, Partner 2 rest
  • Partner 2 runs lap, Partner 1 rest
  • Repeato for 2 laps each

=>Fartlek mosey to Skyline


  • Start at driveway across from right turn
  • Sprint to mailbox 1, walk back
  • Sprint to mailbox 2, walk back
  • Sprint to mailbox 3, walk back
  • Sprint to mailbox 4, walk back
  • Repeato back down the ladder

Partner Pursuit

  • Partner 1 straight up Skyline around loop
  • Partner 2 right turn up Skyline around loop
  • When partners reach each other, tag, and run back
  • Flapjack, repeato
  • Oh, one more sprint up hill….just for fun

=>Mosey back to bus lot

  • Complete the second half mile of the DropCloth track
  • Goal post partner sprint relay
  • AYG to rock (the BIG one by the light post, you can’t miss it)

=>Mosey back to HCE





  1. Just like little bear’s porridge, the weather was just right.
  2. I was a bit surprised by the low number and had to adjust some drills. Where was everyone? Winnebago scare you off from last week? Was my quote in SignUp Genius intimidating? Did the Skyline bootcamp on Thursday wear you out? Sorry, I didn’t realize that until the Nanny mentioned it.
  3. Speaking of the Nanny, that is NOT a Curb Alert bike. It is legit. The pedals alone cost more than my first car. I guess that’s why he locks it up like Pee Wee Herman on his Big Adventure (you youngins will have to look that up).
  4. There is a special Tradition workout on Saturday @6a followed by some type of breakfast. Ask Dingo.
  5. Speaking of Dingo, I can’t expand on his drink of choice per the BB title. You should have SHOWN and you would have known.


3 thoughts on “Dingo Urine, Pineapple Juice and a lil’ Garnish

  1. The Nanny

    @Pavarotti Now THAT was a BB worth reading. References to children’s stories, a nod to NextDoor.com, inclusion of classic movies…wow. Another fine work of #GloomLiterature from Mr. Creativity. Well done. Oh…and your beatdown was an absolute lower body parade of horrors.

    @Trail Mix Good hanging with you. Hope the knee feels ok after all that abuse.

  2. Kato

    Man…that looked like fun. I hate having a cold. Every Speed and El Dorado I miss I feel like everyone else is getting stronger, faster, etc. and I’m going to be sucking wind. Wait…that happens even when I show up consistently. Those workouts never get easy….and it’s a good thing.

  3. Trail Mix

    @nanny – abuse is definitely the appropriate word for this morning! Fun stuff though, thanks for the lead @pavarotti. I’m trying to remember the appropriate garnish for @dingo’s drink… Parsley was it?

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