A Couple of Mericans

A beautiful, cool morning for half a dozen men to brave sleepy drivers and barking dogs on a run in Harrisburg.



Ran about 4.5 miles around Harrisburg, while doing “a couple” of Mericans.

From town hall, headed west to Roberta where we warmed up with a couple (20) Mericans

North on Roberta, then a left on Rocky River Crossing to Morehead for a couple (20) more Mericans

South on Morehead, then a loop on Patricia and Oakside back to Morehead and a couple (20) more Mericans.

South on Morehead, then left on Plaza/Parallel back to Roberta, and back to Town Hall for Mary.



Flying W’s

Freddy Mercury’s



-Great experience leading an F3 workout for the first time, what great weather for it!

-Saw a patrol car with a burned out headlight… wonder if he’ll get off with a warning.

-If I can Q, anybody can… sign on up!



2 thoughts on “A Couple of Mericans

  1. BBQ

    Excellent virgin Q @Capri! Tclaps! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post for Road Warriors. I remembered today how much I enjoyed running with you guys. Thanks for leading.

    BTW, believe the patrol car with the missing headlight was the same one speedy by us on Parallel. I’m sure he was only doing his job or had something important to do. #excuses

  2. RibShack

    Good one @Capri, thanks for leading. BTW, there really are areas in Harrisburg with no hills!!! (for next time ok?)
    Good hanging out with @Jackie Chiles, good mumblechatter @ the back!

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