“Q” Less? … not so fast- we can SWAT this ourselves

After a quick “Q” check for Monday SWAT, we decided we had a  rare no show this morning. Mr. Belding took the Warm-o-rama, Dutch took the meat and potatoes, and the PAX took the MARY, Iron Wolf handled the BOM and Major Pain handled of the majority of the mumble chatter and entertainment- all in all it was a painfully positive workout for all 12 dedicated PAX on this beautiful beat down morning.

Warm-O-Rama – Mr.Belding

Arm Circles, SSH, and various other stretches

The  Meat & Potatoes- Dutch

4 Corners of Pain- Ladder.  5-10-15-20-15-10-5

C1- KB schwings – then rack your KB right handed to:

C2- KB squat w/ Arms extended upward – then full arm extensions outward to:

C3-KB Curls  -then rack your KB left handed to:

C4 -KB Bent Over Rows- then full arm extensions outward to:

C1 – up and then down the ladder.

Mosey to Pull up Bars for Partner Pull ups – 5-10-15.

P1 on pull up bars while P2 holds his legs for leg curls. P1 full hang at bottom – all the way up- back down, while P2 assists by doing the leg curls. Flapjack it.

Mosey back to lonely KB’s for some PAX MARY-

All PAX had a personal favorite to inflict some pain- especially on the lats this morning!


BOM- Iron Wolf


Great to see and be a part of 12 strong this morning- enjoyed the opportunity to pull a  last minute Q out of the memory bank and hope it was worth getting out of bed for. Thanks to all who stepped up and were part of the workout this morn. Proud and encouraged to be with such a quality group of men!

Congrats to all the MECA Pax who navigated thru the Mud run this weekend. As the photographer- it appeared painful yet exhilarating- for most. Way to push it guys! And the Fall MR will be here before we know it.

Keep June 6 open for THE BEAR- it will be a bear from what I hear!

Keep our Brother F-Jelly in prayer and he and his family deal with the unexpected loss of his step mother.

ENJOY the day – and seize and opportunity to be SALT and LIGHT today – with a word of encouragement and  for the HOPE we have in a risen Savior!


8 thoughts on ““Q” Less? … not so fast- we can SWAT this ourselves

  1. Iron Wolf

    Thanks for stepping up @Dutch and @MrBelding! It was tough and that’s what we showed up for! Also, good call on the partner assisted pull-ups. Tough as well!

  2. Buckwheat

    Quality beatdown on the fly, @Dutch. I was struggling throughout! Happy Anniversary @MajorPain. I hope you were able to show the M those bulging biceps, shoulders, and lats before you left for New York….

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Great job all and thank you @dutch for stepping up and leading a great beatdown. Sometimes on Mondays the temptation to fartsack is great as I’m barely awake at 4:55 am – but after this beatdown by @dutch I definitely woke up!

  4. MrBelding

    @dutch- I’m definitely glad you had that one “up your sleeve.” I am still hurting and feeling the effects. So glad I didnt fartsack.

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