No…that’s not a typo.

No…that’s not a typo.  School’s back in session and Hootie is at the helm.  The 7 month taper is nearing an end and the bionic wing is looking to let loose.  We’ll run far and we’ll run fast.  Hope you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere because we’ll probably run into OT.  Look on the bright side…that’s more time for a soulful serenade from YHC and RRCC will be open when we’re done.

Come prepared with 5k interval pace.  Don’t know it?  Good…I’ll teach you something.  Go here to figure it out.

Still can’t figure it out?  Well then I can’t help you.  But just show up and run really fast.  Easy enough.


With a little love…

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  1. RibShack

    I like @SoloCup’s training program better, you don’t have to show on Monday’s if you show on Wednesdays so you get out of it altogether. Anyway, if you want a real work out run through the woods over to Stallings park tomorrow & grab a bell or two……..’tis @Gamma’s return with a vengeance tour & we are looking forward to a beat down!

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