Prayers for Google

Please keep Google and his family in your prayers.  His Father in law was in a bad accident.

in Googles absence, the Tradition men stepped up to provide a joint beatdown.  Well some of it was a beatdown……some of it was just funny!

the Thang;

Late start this morning, this was due tonFunky Bunch taking 10 minutes to close the truck door…….what’s up with that?!?

Shovel flag planted, let’s roll!

mosey to the top parking lot for a quick Dingo led warm up

15 x SSH

15 x Merkins

thats enough of a “Dynamic” warmup for Gump

Funky takes charge for 10 minutes

mosey to soccer field parking lot

Cackalaka choo choo with merkin penalty


reverse Indian run for 5 minutes

Icicle takes over for 10 mins

lunge walk across and back of parking lot with burpees half way and at the ends

Suicides for 5 mins with penalties

Dingo takes over for 5 mins

5-10 Squerkin ladder

Toro took over for 10 mins

Not sure what happened here?? But ONJ took over and did some stuff!

Dutch took over for ten minutes

10-1 ladder

SSH, Squat, WWII sit-ups, Merkins


Dingo takes over for 10 mins

7-1 hill ladder

Lunge jumps at top, CCD at bottom

mosey back for COT


  1. Pleas keep Google and his family in your prayers
  2. BOS said something very unenthusiastically about the mud run…..I added some enthusiasm……or maybe that was sarcasm??
  3. Q school at Pippsa Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  All welcome




3 thoughts on “Prayers for Google

  1. Dingo Post author

    And thanks @Dutch for being “that guy” who made us roll around in the mud…….

  2. Dutch

    Murdock thanks for the heads up re google and his father in law. Praying for the Lords peace and comfort during this time.

    Re: the mud roll around … I figured if we didn’t get a little sloppy today we might as well just go somewhere warm and drink coffee. Glad I could endear myself to the mcp pax this morn!

  3. Gordo

    Tradition crew – thanks for leading in place of @google.

    @google – our prayers are with your family

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