3 x 5 SWAT- Pain-full start to the week.

5 of Traditions boldest rolled up for a Monday morning SWAT- and Urlacher rolled up with pride in his swagger to show  off his new 35lb beast. He and the other PAX put them to good use today.

Disclaimer: glad I did so- as I tripped over my own self – knocking into Mr. Belding on my Karaoke run around the church on the mosey… note to self – no talking and karaoke by YHC in the future!

Warmorama: SSH, IST, CP, MC x12 IC, Arm circles, and Soo bigs.

The Thang: 3 x 5 = 3 exercises in 5 rep intervals up to 15: 5-10-15-10-5 in rapid succession maximize heart rate, muscle burn and overall pain.

Round 1: KB Swings, KB High Pull starting w/ KB on ground, bent over rows

Mosey around church – no karaoke’s

Round 2: On 6: Chest Press/flutter, Lat pull/ legs up, Skull crusher/ hello dolly ( note: high degree of coordination needed for this one)

Mosey around church – no karaoke’s

Round 3: Overhead Press, Power to the People ( per arm), Curl

Mosey around church – no karaoke’s

Round 4: Sumo Squat, stationary squat Press, Standing chest press

Walk around pkg. lot to recover….

Mary: LBC, Low Flutter, Mason Twist



naked moleskin:

Men we made it thru the 3×5! good work by all. Survivor glad to see you back in the mix- keep posting brother, Sensei – better late than never.. you’ll be working on a 30lb bell in no time, Mr. Belding as always – stellar form- glad you felt those shoulder muscles getting pumped up! sorry for running into you on the mosey…:).


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