February Murph

Nine pax showed up for a unseasonably warm February workout to start their week saluting the men and women of the armed forces while getting in a solid workout.

The Thang:

Quick disclaimer

1 Mile Run – the peleton picked up @The Skipper who joined late but more than made up for it wearing a 20lb. weight vest during the workout

100 Pull ups, 200 Push ups Merkins, and 300 Squats in the very soggy Outback where we met @Forgotten Jelly who started the Murph early

1 Mile Run

COT – No time for Mary

Mole Skin:

When YHC checked his phone for the temperature and saw it was 46 there was a moment of hesitation as he tried to remember what he wore when workouts were this warm. Luckily for everyone he didn’t pull a @Farm and remembered shorts.

T-Claps @Putt Putt, the Murph is not an easy workout for even the seasoned PAX so way to keep pushing through it. Since it’s a monthly workout it’s a nice one to measure progress against and push to complete more reps or increase your speed next time.

Hope you feel better @Dingo and hope your tendon starts feeling better @The Farm and everyone else who is nursing injuries or sicknesses this winter.


-March 4: Tradition on Tap at Carolina Ale House at 7PM to celebrate Tradition’s 1 Year Anniversary.

-April 11: Spring USMC Mud Run Sign ups close this Saturday! – http://f3mudrunspring2015.eventbrite.com/

-Sept. 10-12: Blue Ridge Relay. Dingo sent out an e-mail this week. This event is a relay race over 208 miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a great time for some F2 along with F1. More info here: http://www.blueridgerelay.com

-July 24: Go Ruck Challenge. Wearing a 25+ pound back pack you start on an overnight adventure that continues until the morning. A great fitness challenge and another chance for some F2 during the event as well as preparing for it. See @Skipper for more info or check out the link: http://www.goruck.com/challenge-charlotte-nc-07-24-2015-3369/p/E003369



9 thoughts on “February Murph

  1. Chicken Strip Post author

    Great start to the week especially with some warmer weather. Be sure to check out the announcements above for some great opportunities coming up. Sound off below!

    1. Dingo

      Thanks for the shout out Chicken Strip. Feeling a whole lot better today than yesterday…..hopefully will have its butt kicked by tomorrow.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job by all this morning. I’ve always enjoyed this workout.

    Don’t forget to sign up for the USMC MudRun soon. It’s a great experience.

  3. Icicle

    It felt great long time since I’ve seen some of you,to bad I had a upset stomach and couldn’t stay to finish but theres always next month for the MURPH

  4. Icicle

    It felt great long time since I’ve seen some of you,to bad I had a upset stomach and couldn’t stay to finish but theres always next month for the MURPH

  5. The Farm

    Great post Chicken Strip. Thanks for stepping in for me this morning. My M was very serious about me not running. And you know it’s rare that she is adamant about me doing or not doing things (either I’m lucky or that will change with time). Great seeing everyone this morning!

  6. Forgotten Jelly

    One other thing to mention, I’m always impressed with @skipper and his weight vest. I hope to get to that point someday.

  7. Skipper

    @ChickenStrip – Thanks for Qing today. You were flying on that first mile.

    A quiet group today overall, but always fun to #Murph with you men. Thanks @Dutch for the pull-up help and the push at the end.

    @Pax – Sign up for the MudRun! We’ll sort out teams later. #doit

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