Slick Parking Lot and Frozen Outback

3 brave PAX showed up for a chilly yet vigorous beat down with some Cinder blocks this morn. After trecking thru the frozen outback to secure a cinder – we decided to take our chances at the less frozen yet slick parking lot for a ladder climb beat down.

Warm o rama – careful mosey around the parking lot- avoiding the black ice patches

SSH, IST, CP, MC: all x12 IC.

up the snow crusted stairs to the frozen outback to secure a chilly CB – then back down the icy path to the slick parking lot.

4 Corner ladder – 2-4-6-8-10

Corner1 (C1): CB burpees – a real pax pleaser then overhead carry CB to :

C2: for Sumo Squats in slow count cadence – then extended arm CB carry to:

C3: for Overhead Press – then overhead carry to

C4: CB plank jack – then repeat back to C1.

At about the midway point – Gentle Grizzly’s CB disintegrated into a about a 1/2 CB – leaving scrapnel and some glancing blows on the tough but gentle grizzly’s head and facial area…. all is well no blood or scars – glad I said a little something about a disclaimer…..

Then back to the Frozen Outback to drop off  CB’s and hit the picnic tables for 2-4-6-8-10 ladder of:

Dips, Incline Merkins, and step ups ( per leg)

With a little time left we wanted to make sure the pull up bars were not feeling left out in the cold so:

1 to 6 ladder – Merkins – then pull ups.

Mosey back to  the parking lot to find our cruise PAX for some MARY

LBC, Low Flutter, Pretzel Stick, Freddy Merc – bicycle crunch-

Naked Moleskin:

Glad to see you back in the mix Gentle Grizzly – next time we’ll get you a heavy duty Cinder block – or maybe this one was just frozen solid….

For those who don’t know Freddy Mercury – I think he had non heterosexual tendencies- but before we could ask the question- we got an answer from Funky! Thanks for the entertainment and comic relief this morning Funky – always something when your around brother!

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  1. James Walker

    I wondered if anyone would show up this morning. I contemplated it but my wife and I decided I better skip. This Arizona desert rat is not too experienced on the slippery ice and since I have a neck thing it would be bad news if I took any jolts from a fall or a slide… So I stayed in bed.

    Maybe tomorrow though!

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