4 Square Slow Burn Ladder – and the Cruise

9 Cinder Block Iron Men and 5 interval cruisers – rolled into the AO a feel of spring in the air- some even wearing shorts for their respective beatdowns.



Warmorama – mosey around church perimeter then circle up for:

SSH, IST, CP’s MC’s, slow count Prisoner squats,- all IC x 12.  armcircles.

Mosey to Outback for a 4 square slow burn ladder – each Pax grabs their favorite cinder block – not to leave their possession for the duration with a 5-10-15-10-5 ladder – all  low and slow count for extra burn!

Square 1 (S1) – slow count Cinder block Carolina Dry Docks

Walk to Square 2 – w/ cinder overhead

S2 – cinderblock squat press

cinderblock lunge walk to S#

S3- Cinderblock Merkins

Walk to S4 w/ cinder extended out front

S4 – WLBC ( newly named by Buckwheat!) On your six – cinder block fully extended upward – legs at 45 degrees then up to vertical – touching Cinder w/ knees

Repeato of 4 square for 10-15-10-5.

Extra time so – we hit the dip bars and pull up bars – 3 sets: 5-10-15.

Mary round up w/ our Cruise brothers:

LBC, Low Flutter, Freddy Merc, new Mary- side plank w/ left elbow to left knee/flapjack, Plank Jack.



TRADITION CRUISE-  3- 8 minute progressive intervals w/ 4 min. mosey to rest.

2 thoughts on “4 Square Slow Burn Ladder – and the Cruise

  1. Dutch Post author

    Enjoyed the Q this morning men- I was worn out and have been feeling the muscle building ache all day. great job men on the low and slow cadence counting – makes for a nice burn.

    Survivor – keep posting brother, you are getting stronger!
    Uppercut – glad the winter fartsack has lost its luster and you are back in the mix.

    Great job men – keep posting – you’ll be glad you did this spring!

  2. Buckwheat

    Thanks, Dutch. Enjoyed it. Little different from the norm, simple concept, yet very effective. Definitely feeling it this evening!

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