Wet Murph

11 brave souls posted this morning for the December edition of The Murph. As I was parking this morning at 5:29am sharp (right on time @Dingo), YHC did a quick scan of the pax, noted there were no kettle bells in sight, gave a quick disclaimer, and then we were off to do the following:

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 merkins

300 air squats

1 mile run

Mary led by the pax


Wet/Muddy Moleskin:

Posting this morning was not easy.  However, knowing there would be men out there expecting me to show (5:29 is before 5:30 @Dingo) was all the motivation I needed to post on this wet morning.  The best way to ensure you post is to sign up to lead!  Thanks for coming out this morning men!


7 thoughts on “Wet Murph

  1. The Farm Post author

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead! It’s amazing to me how much stronger I’ve gotten in such a short amount of time. If you would’ve told me around this time last year that I would be leading F3 workouts a year later, I would’ve said no way. I’m looking forward to growing together with you men in 2015!

  2. Dingo

    Thanks for Q’ing today Farm! 5:29 is before 5:30……but in Dingo time, you be late! 😉 can’t believe your M didn’t get you a watch for Christmas! Maybe the pax will pull together and get you one…..

    Thanks for doing this in cadence @ironwoof, @forgottenjelly and @skipper! I was struggling this morning and really needed you men to pull me through!

    Great job by all! Tough morning to post and you are all stronger for it!

    I ran into @striker at Church yesterday, he told me he can’t wait to do the Murph tomorrow. But he was not there this morning? Fair weather fever got you?!

  3. Icicle

    It felt great to come out there on this wet morning and( @farm you were late) it felt great see all of you guys post this morning ,@striker and @toro were full of it (they told me they were going to post) I guess the #fartsack was to much for them lol

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Great job by everyone this morning. I always enjoy the Murph, but definitely found this morning to be tougher than the last few times.

  5. Skipper

    Thanks for stepping up to lead @TheFarm! According to my watch, and arrival time, you were early.

    @Pax – Awesome post and push on this guaranteed wet morning! Always motivating to see #Respects (@Pongo, @Guiness, @Raptor) and Murph FNGs (@Arti, I’m pretty sure)! Way to keep after it, men.

      1. The Farm Post author

        Yeah I was going to mention that yesterday but decided I would take it easy in him. By the way, @Striker got to suggest a few exercises at The Precinct today and made us all pay for his no show.

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