1-6 Ladders

The pax gathered in the gloom for a B.O.M.B. beatdown and it went like this…


SSH x 15
Bobby Hurleys x 15

Mosey to Outback
1-6 Ladder Benchpress / Pull-Ups
Mosey back to Parking Lot
1-6 Ladder Upright Rows / Sumo squats
Mosey around Parking Lot
1-6 Ladder Pullovers / LBC’s
Mosey around Parking Lot
1-6 Ladder KB Swings / Bicep Curls
Mosey around Parking Lot
1-6 Ladder Lawnmower Pulls
1-6 Ladder Bench Press / the W

Mason Twist
Homer to Marge

@pax- thanks for coming out today guys, hope you enjoyed it.
@dutch- glad your toe is feeling better and thanks for the book recommendation to the pax.
@guiness, @helga- youre never too late
@forgottenjelly- glad one of the worse students is teaching our teachers 🙂
@sensei- glad your feeling better and have been able to post this week.
@ironwolf- the everchanging faces of ironwolf are always good to see at B.O.M.B.
@mountaineer- thanks for leading the pax in the slow moseys. Remember, its a slow mosey.
@Maximus- maybe you can teach sensei how to start that lawnmower…

3 thoughts on “1-6 Ladders

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job Belding. I’m definitely feeling it. I picked a good du to try out my new 30 lb kettlebell.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Good beatdown @Mr. Belding. I agree young Sensie in his youthful exuberance is probably a little too eager to start his lawnmower and may not be pulling it in proper F3 form, which is a steady pull ending with the elbow up. Perhaps that is why his lawnmower doesn’t start. I’ll keep an eye on him. I ask you do the same with young @Dutch who despite his hectic activity level jetting to Canada, reading and recommending books and leading church retreats apparently doesn’t know to avoid foot injuries he needs to buy sneakers that fit him as well as to stop running when his foot hurts. Please keep an eye on him. Thanks…

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