WIB Week Pre-Blast: Part II, Old Glory

So you haven’t had enough yet, eh? Well, here’s your next chance to throwdown and see where you stack up. What, you haven’t heard about WIB Week? Well, then let me explain…

It’s simple… AO v. AO… Pax v. Pax… WIB vs. WIB. Here’s the Thang:

  • Skyline Grinder: Tuesday, Nov 18 @ 0525 Instruction; 0530 Launch – Highland Creek Elementary
  • Old Glory: Thursday, Nov 20 @ 0525 Instruction; 0530 Launch – Stonebridge Church

WIB Week Rules:

  • Top 7 PAX score for their team; an additional 3 can displace their competitor’s placement
  • One point per place; combined low score between both beatdowns wins (modified cross country scoring)
  • Honor system for counts (an F3 man does not cheat himself or his brothers)
  • Only quality form counts (an F3 man does not cheat himself or his brothers)
    • If not a quality rep, you can be called out by another PAX (use “F3Nickname, rep!”)
    • If you’re called for a non-quality rep – add one penalty rep if set is up to 20; two reps if set is

Old Glory:
Starting from the Shovel Flag:

  • Run down to office park, around all the buildings and back (1.0mile)
    • Front right corner of church: 20 Mericans – then AYG to…
    • Back right corner of church: 20 Jump Squats – then AYG to…
    • Pull up bars: 10 Pull Ups – then AYG to…
    • Sidewalk: 20 WWII Sit-ups – then AYG to…
    • The Shovel Flag: Touch flag for a complete round
    • Rinse and repeat circuit around the church until 0600 (30 mins) when you hear the air horn
    • Remember your # of complete rounds and partial round reps when the air horn sounds
  • Gather at the Shovel Flag for a 1 mile group run behind the flag to the business park and back
  • Report your completed rounds and reps (for partial rounds) on the scoring sheet upon return
  • Placement by most rounds and additional reps completed within 30:00 minutes (at the air horn)

Current Score (like cross country, low score wins):
– Highlands     28
– Tradition       97

Can Tradition mount a comeback on their home turf? Gotta show to know… Stonebridge Church tomorrow – 0520 Instruction; 0530 Game On.

9 thoughts on “WIB Week Pre-Blast: Part II, Old Glory

  1. Magma

    @Chowder-thanks for the callout. Unfortunately I did something to my foot during the run back to the parking lot Tuesday. Will not be there Thursday, hopefully back next week…Had Tradition by my name on Tuesday.

    1. Chowder Post author

      Sorry to hear that brother! Rest and heal up to get off the IR. You’ve got the Thunder Road half mary to start training for. You’ve got a year… So, are you saying the Tradition tag on your name Tuesday was a mistake and you’re a Highlander?

      As for the call out, you know it’s only because your my fifth favorite PAX… 😉

      1. Magma

        Aye, 1/2 Mary is in the plan. Got the bridge run in March that I am focused on crushing my time from last year.

        5th fav Pax, I am honored!

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