WIB Week – Halftime Report

A strong 42 PAX braved the 27 degree game time temp and the sight of Winnebago’s “special occasion” ranger panties to take on the first half of the WIB Week Challenge. What might the WIB Week Challenge be you ask? Check it out by clicking here.

Here’s how it all went down:
– YHC dispensed instruction, ground rules and proper rep quality
– Disclaimer? Maybe next time.
– The Skyline Grinder commences:

  • Run out front entrance of ES/MS, left on Highland Creek Parkway to base of Skyline Dr.
    • 10 muscle-ups on the wall (quality rep: arms must lock out at top; feet on ground at bottom)
    • 40 air squats (quality rep: hands must touch the top back of your shoes; legs lock out at top)
    • Run up Skyline and into the first cul-de-sac on the LEFT
    • 10 three-merican (normal, wide, diamond) burpees (quality rep: chest to ground at bottom; lock out arms at top; feet at least 3 inches off ground on jump)
    • 40 little baby crunches (quality rep: shoulder blades off the ground when up)
    • Run back down to the base of Skyline Dr.
    • Rinse and repeat until 0605 (time will be called)
  • Run back the way you came (no cutting through the concrete rabbit hole; if you do = DQ)


– #SoleRedemption – final week to get your shoes in! See @Snare or @IronWolf
– Haiti mission trip is coming up in Sept 2015; Looking for HCs in January; See @ColMustard for details and information

The Nakedman Moleskin
– Solid performances all around. Everyone kept moving and pushing forward. Just posting for this one takes a little extra fortitude. Good job today and come get a little more on Thursday at Tradition; YHC welcomes feedback on the #SkylineGrinder…
– Cobains for snapping at you @Jelly. Didn’t realize your mumblechatter mission until it was too late for me. Mission accomplished. #WellPlayedSir
– Lots of talk about @Winnebago’s Ranger Panties (and short sleeves??!!?)… though most of spent the better part of the 40 minutes looking at them from behind.
– Hate it that @Dingo was laid up (get well and come back soon) but where was @Skipper? He boldly proclaimed his Tradition allegiance last Friday at lunch and… couldn’t help much from the fartsack.
– I’ll let most of the chatter up to the PAX… sound off in the comments. Oh yeah, and the score… which speaks for itself. Check out the halftime score here.

13 thoughts on “WIB Week – Halftime Report

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Definitely a great turnout! 20 from Highlands and 22 from Tradition (plus one Dingo). Skyline is a tough hill. Need to practice running hills more often. Looking forward to Thursday.

    1. Chowder Post author

      @J – El Dorado on Mondays is the cure for what ails ya. Plus, you’ll be the first one in the office.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Aye. If I could use a shower on campus, I may do that in the spring. I have class at 8 on Mondays starting in January. I like to get there around 7:15.

  2. Chowder Post author

    BTW, Stoli posted this a.m. with an upper respiratory infection but still threw down some serious numbers. That’s sick. #seewhatIdidthere

  3. Google

    Great start to WIB week. Skyline grinder is a serious beatdown.. NOTE: Scoring snafu on my part… Please reset my rep count to 0. 4 rounds complete with no additional reps.

  4. Winnebago

    Great start to the Battle of the AOs been too long since doing the Grinder. Seriously, it has been too long that sucked super bad. Out of practice for this stuff. Made me realize how much I miss it.

  5. Man Down

    I haven’t stopped coughing all day! My lungs weren’t quite ready for that this morning! Very impressive showing Highlanders! Expected nothing less.

  6. Stoli

    T-claps to FNG Ryan for making his first post on this absurdly tough workout. Great effort brother. Look forward to seeing you out there with us again.

    Chowder, tough as heck workout and great leadership as always. Left a lung out there somewhere. Loved the competition but still seeing encouragement to all our brothers.

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