You’re late!!

The Tradition clown car was running late today and it had the Q inside of it…….No worries, Buckwheat steered the ship until I arrived with my tail tucked between my legs.  All was forgiven and I was allowed to take the Q and lead 15 men through the following.

Warm Up

  • Not sure…..wasnt there…..Buckwheat said they did something!

The Thang

Bodyweight Ladder Challenge

1 x KB Clean & Press x 1,2,3….10reps

2 x KB Sumo Squat x 2,4,6…..20reps

3 x KB Swing x 3,6,9…..30reps

Upperbody challenge

10 x One arm curls x 10,9,8…..1reps

20 x Chest Press x 20,18,16……2reps

30 x Skull Crusher x 30, 27, 24……3reps

No time for Mary


  1. Sorry I was late gentlemen.  We hit HEC at the right time, but forgot we had to drive to the other side of the hood!!
  2. Good push out there today!
  3. Did anyone knock out all of those Skullcrushers??

3 thoughts on “You’re late!!

  1. Dingo Post author

    Good push out there guys! The aim was the crush your legs and arms today! It worked on me……

    Co-ed – you were pushing hard to get through those reps!!

    1. Anthony Famularo

      Thanks Dingo. I was out for two weeks so needed to make up ground. I did actually get the 30 skullcrushers… As a result of lack of arm usage I am typing this with my nose.
      Great workout today.

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