UNCC ROTC wanted a piece of the Stairway to Sharknado

3? Yes 3 Gloom Monsters showed up to El Dorado on this day trying to figure out where everyone was. We beat back to pul a “Let’s not and say we did” post

Stairway to Sharknado

Run .9 Miles to El Dorado

15 Burpees

Run up and down Stairway to Heaven

20 Diamond Merkins

Run up and down Stairway to Heaven

20 WWII  Situps

Run up and down Stairway to Heaven

20 Merkins

Run up and down Stairway to Heaven

20 Scorpion Dry Docks

Run up and down Stairway to Heaven

Repeat until 6:05

Run .9 Miles back to lot

-YHC pulled in to the Kohls parking lot at 5:11 to find NO ONE, check the phone yes it really is 5:11, yes it is Monday, check twitter did someone cancel El Dorado, thoughts of leaving enter the mind.

-5:12 still no one

-5:13 one car rolls in.. Banjo Boy, well its gonna happen, maybe he didn’t read the Preblast and we can do something else

-5:14 another car comes in Parkour well now it really is gonna happen and it is gonna be what I said it would be

-5:17 we depart as clearly no one else is coming

-After about the 6/7 trip up to heaven I inform the others we have company, about 25 Army ROTC rolled up and crashed our party, they took 3 trips up S2H, but the 3 of us were passing them having already done a lot more trips

-Thank you 2 men for showing up, I don’t know that I would have done it by myself it was tough morning

-To a lot of our regulars who are doing great work in Haiti, Laying Sod or recovering for BRR you were missed, can’t wait to hear the stories.

-Pretty sure all 3 of us got to round 3 trip 3, so 13 trips up total

4 thoughts on “UNCC ROTC wanted a piece of the Stairway to Sharknado

  1. The Nanny

    @Winnebago Dang….that looks brutal. Just up and down StH…. We were debating this morning which workout was tougher….my vote is yours. Oh how I hope, hope, hope those ROTC guys come back. Special thanks and T-claps to you sir for taking the Q this morning from me. Believe me I kicked around the idea of keeping the Q and throwing up the #BatSign to converge on the campus of BPS to jump in and knock out 9,000 sq ft of sod, but decided it was going over the line since not everyone has a vested interest in BPS and most have a vested interest in NOT throwing around 50lb rolls of sod in a muddy swamp field…or pulling a stuck truck out of the mud…. I guess between the F3’ers that have kids at BPS and the Haiti trip, we cannibalized El Dorado this week; thanks for keeping the flame lit and leading the workout brother.

  2. Stoli

    Well done Winnebago, Parkour, and Banjo Boy.

    T-claps to El Sodarado: Chowder, Treadstone, Iceberg, Shazam, Filibuster, The Nanny, David (FNG), Dropcloth, Haskell, Chavez, Tinman, Stoli. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. These men got dirty this morning. 5 am to 7:15. Rocked it. Thank you all.

  3. escalade

    Looked pretty killer. Just for the record… I will not be doing that at the redorado on Wednesday. Not even sure if we’ll have a redorado.
    Aye! The feeling of seeing that other guy pull up when you’re looking at the clock hoping to head back to the sack is bittersweet no doubt. That’s what makes this whole thing go round. Same thing happened to me, the day before Thunder Road last year.

  4. SSMinnow

    Make it a half dozen for El Dorado this week. Segundo, Bull, and SS Minnow tackled it in the late afternoon sun. It wasn’t pretty, but hey…were a little more prepped for the mud run now.

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