Good News or Bad News

11 Harrisburg men sprung out of bed with KB in hand for some Harrisburg Iron. While The Ridge landscape offers some variety, today’s beatdown went back to the basics.

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Mosey around the outer parking lot.
YHC informed the PAX, “that’s all the running for today…depending on personal preference, that’s either good news or bad news – you decide.”

SSH x 25
IST x 15
Windmill x 10
Merkins x 10
Around the world w/KB (CW & CCW)

1 Burpee / 15 KB Squats w/Press
2 Burpees / 15 KB Clean & Press (each arm)
3 Burpees / 15 KB Tricep extensions
4 Burpees / 15 KB Single Arm Curls (15 each arm)
5 Burpees / 15 KB Swings
6 Burpees / 15 KB Upright rows
7 Burpees / 15 KB Halos
8 Burpees / 15 KB Goblet squats
9 Burpees / 15 KB Skull crushers
10 Burpees / 15 KB Chest Presses

Whatever goes up, must come down…repeato but in reverse order. YHC did cut the reps to 10 for sake of time (the gloom was beginning to vanish).

MARY (x denotes cadence):
Side bend w/KB x 10
Mason twist w/KB x 15
W w/KB x 15 (PAX was reminded of disclaimer)
LBC w/KB x 10



  • YHC was impressed with the turn-out this AM. Glad to meet some new brothers and see the regulars still working hard at it. Keep it up!
  • Check YHC math but think that’s 110 burpees this AM brothers. That’s a heck of a lot more than those in the fartsack.
  • Midway thru YHC asked the PAX how many burpees were next. Some muttered “2” but YHC quickly corrected them saying we are on 8…which coincidentally is the same time FiA starts if you’d prefer to join them.
  • For those MECA brothers reading this backblast, YHC appreciates the inspiration from Up in Smoke?
  • F3 Dads coming up in August. F3 Harrisburg is the host and looking for Qs. Send an email to if you’re interested.

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  1. BBQ Post author

    Thanks for coming out this AM guys and allowing me to lead. I’ll be honest, a few weeks off from doing KB is going to hurt tomorrow.

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