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The Spider

Warm-up: Mosey to the steam plant for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 10 count L/R R/L Thang: Mosey to Belk Parking lot where 8 orange cones were set-up in a large octagon around the center light post. 8 yellow cones were halfway between the light post and orange cone. Pax would complete 25 reps of […]

Open Up The Bus Stop

OCT Bus Stop Warm-up: The bus doesn’t stop for things like that. Thang: The bus stop is a loop run with stops at different locations for a quick pain station. Primary focus is to keep the group moving. All stops will have 1 new exercise followed by 12 Merkins 1. Coal Train – 15 J-Lows […]

Ultimate Convergence

14 Pax,l from Concord & Kannon the Kannon AO at 6:30 for the mile run warmup to Ultimate Frisbee Land a 15th joined late, more added to that story later. Without regard for PAX allegence we split the teams blue and red. The field was already marked and ready with cones started immediately with the […]