Beer Stein

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Buck
PAX: Cowbell, Dawghouse MASH, hop_hunter, Spaz, Torch, turbine, Dud
FNGs: None
5 runners (YHC included), 2 ruckers and 1 two wheeler took to the roads in the hood this morning. YHC tried to be creative with the route. What was YHC thinking? A new route meant he would have to participate in running to provide directions. Hop hunter quick to point that out as YHC tried to provide directions before the run. This particular route offers one real climb and opportunity to work on one’s speed or just a more relaxed run. As you will hopefully get the reason for the name of the route when viewing the picture of the route and item it was named after. I think most enjoyed the route. If not, they kept it to themselves. Probably better that way, as YHC hates criticism. I jest or am I? 😁

So nice to see Torch out, welcome back buddy!

Thanks for tolerating the new route.

Great work by all today!

Gremlin Feb. 4
Fellowship of Idiots in Feb.

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Millikan family (probably screwed that up, not God knows)