Rolling to exercise brain and body

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Dawghouse MASH
PAX: Buck, Loveboat, Drew Carter, Dawghouse MASH
FNGs: None
4 Pax gathered on a pre-Mt. Afton eve. Rain from the previous night left the ground pretty wet, so the beatdown was moved to a covered entryway.
WARMUP: Some SSH’s, Hillbillies, Penny Pickers and Arm Circles.
Beatdown comprised of six sets of exercises, randomized.
Materials: 1 standard pair of dice; 1 cardboard box, preferably cube shaped.
Write 6 sets-of-4-exercise on each face of cardboard box. Each exercise is tagged with a mathematical operand (+, -, and x):
Side 1: – Burpees; x Squats; + WWIIs; + Merkins
Side 2: – Monkey Humpers (or Pullups, if available); x Jump Squats; x LBCs; + Hand-release Merkins
Side 3: – Belly-2-Bricks Shoulder taps; x Side-straddle Hops; x Crunchy Frogs; + Joe Fraziers (aka, Mike Tysons)
Side 4: + Dry Docks; + J Los; + Atomic Crunches; + Derkins
Side 5: – Run laps
Side 6: + Tennis-court sidelines, via Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears or Crab walks

Now we’re ready to exercise:
Roll box to select the set of exercises.
Roll dice to determine the number of reps. A “+” exercise means you do the sum of the numbers on the two dice; “-“ is the difference of the dice numbers; “x” is the multiple of the two dice. (This provides the “brain exercise”!)
Example: Side 1 on box with a 6 and 3 on the dice
3 Burpees (6-3); 18 Squats (6×3); 9 WWIIs (6+3); 9 Merkins (6+3)

Repeato, repeato, repeato.

Turned out to be a pretty good workout. We kept moving at a brisk pace; not a lot of idle time from roll to exercise to roll again; lots of variety; good mumblechatter.

MARY: Stretched for final 5 minutes.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mt. Afton tomorrow; Fellowship of Idiots upcoming.
COT: Cow Bell’s M to Houston Half-marathon; several recent unexpected deaths making news.