Remembering Pearl Harbor

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: LoveSeat, Soprano, jimmybuffett, Manwich, Pox, Vespa-Odell, kilowatt
FNGs: None

THE RUN/RUCK: Ruckers did their thing. JB and YHC ran the Haunted Loveseat Loop and were joined late by both LS and Soprano. 4 each in total.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Kojak’s 12 days of Xmas
COT: Prayers for the 2,403 who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. Baby Stetson. Chachi and all injured pax.
MOLESKIN: Misty conditions but near perfect running weather at 51 degrees or so. Perfect timing by Loveseat and Soprano joining YHC right as JB split off for home – the pre posted route comes in handy again! Great job by KW knocking out the Pearl Harbor GR Tough in Charleston this last weekend with 9 Volt, and thanks for sharing thoughts from the event on this day that lives in infamy. Lastly (intentional choice of words) nice job by Pox knocking out his painalty for being The Six this week in FFL. Have a great day gents!