The Half Pentathlon

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: Vespa-Odell, Manwich, Hot Pack, Clickbait, Detention
FNGs: None
WARMARAMA: Various mosey/agility movements around the circle, SSH, WMs, Pickle Pokers, Goblet Squat/Curl Combo

THE THANG: The Half Pentathlon – 3 minutes of continuous work, 2.5 minutes rest. 5 exercises.

Clean & Press
Half Snatch
Push Press

MARY: Various stretches

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Need Qs next two days

COT: Prayers for Clickbait’s friend’s (mom/coworker?) Kathy who was taken to hospital yesterday. Prayers for baby Stetson.

Moleskin: It’s been a while, but YHC plans to make Bellbustin’ a more regular thing. Thanks for playing along. The shoulders could be feeling that one a bit. The Full version of that might have killed us all 🫣…or we would have just modified… Great to see CB and Vespa continuing to kill it out in the gloom. Have a great week 👊