You Can Drive Through Or You Can Go Home

It had been some time since YHC took the Q and as per usual, Saturday’s Railyard needed one. Opportunity knocked…


Mosey to shelter lot then, 

SSH x 15

Mosey to the library lot

LBC x 15

Mosey to the driving school

IST x 15




10 Mike Tysons, Bear Crawl to the other side, 10 Jump Squats, crawl bear back, 10 Mike Tysons.


Mosey to the stairs.

Top: 20 merkins, 20 WWII, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Jump Squats descend

Bottom: 5 burpees, climb

15, 10, 5

Mosey up the ramp and to the top of the park. Windmills x 10.


Mosey to the top of the hill.

20 burpees, 20 4-count flutters, 20 shoulder taps, 20 SSH then descend the hill.


Right around here, YHC did a fitness self-assessment and remembered the golden rule of “don’t Q it if you can’t do it” so instead of doing more of the ladder, we went for a cruise.


Up Z-Max and HWY 49 to the Sonic/Pizza Hut parking lot.

Box Cutters IC x 15


Fellowship mosey back to the cars for Mary.


60 second plank

Recover, Recover.



  • Excellent work out there today. It felt “good” to be back after being away for so long… and by good I mean even breathing hurts right now.
  • At 0655, YHC thought maybe there was a missed comm about there being no Railyard this weekend, but Mullet showed up followed by the rest and kept us honest.
  • Admit it, you missed Mike Tysons
  • Minion wished for more running and less pain stations. #HolidayMagic
  • As always, it’s an honor to lead.
  • Coffeeteria featured the phrase “Merry Christmas! Peace on earth, goodwill to men!” Or something similar to that. #ShowToKnow


“You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right.”  -Dean Smith