AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Detention, Clickbait, Vespa-Odell
PAX: Clickbait, Vespa-Odell, Detention
FNGs: None

Made decision on substitute Q plan. Both Vespa and Clickbait got their feet wet by leading some of the warmups. Remebering the sequence of the cadence of the exercises is key. 1) Next exercise is________. 2) Ready position move, in cadence. 3) Exercise. I hope I taught it correctly. Walk, merkins on the speed bump, squats under the light. Under the alcove at 26degrees. Arm circles, Phelps, Penny pickers, windmill, ssh, ist, and hillbillies.:
Combos. Swings/Squats. Curls/high pulls/tricept press. American hammer/lawn mowers. Situp/chest press:
Stretching with brotherhood and philosophy conversation. The three fs in F3 are all equally important. Faith, Fitness, and Fellowship:
Prayers for those without a place to go for the holidays. Prayers for those in dispair especially those that get laid off from their job before the holidays. All the continued prayer intentions:

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