HIIT with the Artist formerly know as Sexual Chocolate

Mosey to parking lot, then…
High knees
19 SSH
10 IST / Hillbillies
20 Sky ground touches

The Thang
Circuit 1: 30 sec each, continuous set
Side to side suicides
Power squat
Mountain climbers
Plank jacks
Scissor jumps
X 3, 60 sec break at the end

Circuit 2: 30 sec each, continuous set
Bobby Hurleys
Burpee 4x4s (Merkins x 4 / Mountain climbers x4)
Cross jumps
Apolo Ohnos
Sumo Squat w/Jabs (2 jabs up then 2 jabs squat)
x 3, 60 sec break at the end

Circuit 3: 30 secs each, continuous set
Freddy Mercs
Merkin w/jacks
1 Heisman
123 Heisman
Walk out climbers
x 2, 60 sec break at the end (we ran out of time before the third)

Mary: 30 secs each
Low flutters, Ws, LBCs

– prayed for my Father’s struggle with dementia, and peace for our family
– prayed for those on the front lines

– For some reason, when we were doing Sumo Jabs, @Greek turned and faced @Powerball, throwing punches his way. A little banter ensued, but @Powerball said he didn’t land a single punch.
– YHC guessed that it was the Burpee 4x4s that made @Powerball leave early… or maybe he just had to get to school.
– Thanks MEN for helping me get through my first Cardio Q. It was challenging for YHC even if @Greek and @Illuminati (who ran to/from the workout) never got their heartrates over 100.
– It was great to see @shazam back out and almost fully recovered.


Slackblast! Iron-Q Day 5 – Highlands Cardio – HIIT Circuits
Date: 01/07/22
Pax: @Gordo @Greek @Powerball @shazam @Illuminati @f3_chowder @Snowsuit
FNGs: 0
Q: @Snowsuit
Count: 7