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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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  • When: 01/02/21
  • QIC: Cupid
  • The PAX: Squid, Snowman, GrandMaster

HAHA! Given the mental maturity of our F3 pax (or maybe all F3 pax for that matter) and propensity to amuse each other with farts, inuendos, and other adolescent fascinations, I couldn’t resist a title like this to get you to look at my backblast!

I personally don’t subscribe to evolution’s portrayal of man rising up from some pre-primate state to the complex social human we see today, but that familiar image of the stages of man working his way up from the earth, starting on all fours and finally reaching an up-right position, comes to mind with this workout.

In our case, 4 creatures starting horizontally under the morning mist rose up to overcome gravity. Standing eye to Eye, Overcomers!

COP: Nope.

Tha Thang: 8 selected exercises ordered from on the ground to upright to defiant of gravity – 30 reps each, then repeated but reduced by 5 reps each time. Oh yeah, most exercises performed with a paver brick in each hand.

1) Belly Crawls
2) Mason Twist
3) Bear Crawl
4) Merkins
5) Forward facing Crab Walk
6) Skull Crushers
7) Traveling Lunge
8) Burpies

We carried this out up-hill in the parking deck.

Mary: Never heard of her.

My my – quite a gasser. Some of you may remember we did this same routine in the summer on the lawn but not sure whether the regimen was worse the grass burns across forearms and legs back then, so I suggested we try it again in colder weather. Carried out on pavement was only a little better. Was hoping for a cold dry day, but was a great challenge for the 2nd beatdown of the year.

It sucked, we did it together, we completed all sets. That’s 105 of each exercise. The four of us now share an experience of pain that binds us together. We’d have gotten tattoos, but the closest parlor was closed due to covid, so we settled for the parking lot at Editions and drank coffee instead.

Thanks for overcoming everything I threw at you. You guys are great!


  • On January 2, 2021

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