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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Yet another 12 days of Christmas

  • When: 12/18/20
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Clueless, Pancake, Gamma, Solo Cup, Bear Claw, Practice, Kojak, Exit 54, SS Minnow, Tumbler, Nacho Libre, Tbone, Deadhead, Winger, Dick Tracy, Thunderbolt, Sheep Dog


18 men beat their alarms this morning and are better for it.  It’s impressive that we really haven’t lost that many numbers even in the cold.  There were about 12 in the windy rain on Wednesday over 20 yesterday (YHC is guilty of not being there) and 18 today.  Great work.  Proud to be part of the group.  If you’re not there, you’re definitely missed.

YHC’s lack of creativity came out this morning, but we made it work.  Thanks for playing along.  It went like this.

Warm Up

SSH x 20, IST x 15, Windmill  x 12, Mountain Climber x 20, Merican x 10

The Thang

12 exercises, 12 reps of each (with a couple exceptions), repeato until time is called

The plan was initially to run in between each rep, but YHC quickly realized that was too much running, so we only run after all 12 exercises are done.



Mountain Climbers (x 24)

Tricep Extensions

Sumo Squats

Kettlebell swing

WW2 situps on curb with bell, also called (more accurately) curb pullovers

Lawn Mower, each arm

Reverse Curls

Alternating mericans on the bell (6 each side)

Mason Twist with the bell

Figure 8


Thanks for coming out guys.  It’s great to see big numbers, appreciate the support.

T-claps to @Wexler for coordinating the Orphanage gifts this year.  Word is that we have them all signed up!  I think that’s record time this year.  Well done brothers.

@Sheepdog’s beard is back!  If his last name wasn’t Hurd, we would still call him Sheepdog.

T-claps to @Pancake for setting a record in his pre-run 5k!  Nice work!  Keep practicing the ping pong though.



  1. DrLecter

    Too much running? Is there such a thing? Maybe. (See my Q at The Ridge on 12/15).

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