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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2020

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  • When: 08/01/20
  • QIC: SheepDog
  • The PAX: Wexler, FlipPhone, UneasyRider, TheMagnificent, Sugar, DickTracy, Constitution, BirdCage, Foghorn, HongKongPhooey, Gamma, DrLecter, Tumbler, Mullet, Talladega and Pocahontas

Seventeen men from Harrisburg and the surrounding AOs converged on the soon to be renovated Harrisburg Park (the sign says completion by June 2020… they’re running a bit behind) for an hour of what felt like 101% humidity while we did a little bootcamping.   YHC has heard of Hot Yoga but Hot Bootcamp?  Anywho, the theme of this morning’s beatdown was brought to you by the number 6 as it just happened to be YHC’s six year F3 anniversary.  Here is how it went…

1) Warm-o-rama – 6 exercises

  1. Arm circles forward and back, big and little
  2. SSH x 15
  3. ISP x 10  (yikes… meant to do 15)
  4. Windmill x15
  5. Hand Release Merkins x15
  6. Mountain Climbers x15

2) The Thang

    • Six times a stepping
      • Bear crawl up the stairs and down the ramp
      • Crab walks up the stairs and down the ramp
      • Reverse spiderman up the steps and down the ramp
      • Bear crawl up the stairs and down the ramp
      • Crab walk u the stairs and lunge down the ramp
      • Reverse spiderman up the steps and backwards lunge down the ramp
    • Mosey to Henderson circle – 3 laps (that’s half of six) of 6 exercises…
      • Burpee x 10
      • run to bottom of the hill
      • WWII’s x10 (2nd and 3rd laps this became x20)
      • run to top of the hill
      • Jump Squats x10 (2nd and 3rd laps this became x30)
      • run back to start
    • Mosey back to the park island in front of the library for 6 laps (shortened to three due to time constraints) of…
      • Qaudraphilia up the hill, mosey back down
      • Carioca up the hill, mosey back down
      • Alternate broad jump and two lunges up the hill, mosey back down

3) Mary

The last six minutes of our workout consisted of 5 minutes where we rotated counter clockwise around the circle so some could lead 10 reps in cadence of their favorite ab work followed by a one minute plank.  PAX did (in not necessarily this order)…

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Crunchy Frog
  • W’s
  • Reverse LBC
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Squirm
  • J Lo

4) Name-o-rama

5) Announcements

  • Laps For Hope Event, 9/19/2020.  Race at 8am to be followed by Percent Tap House at 10. Sign up here:
  • Tomorrow starts the Healthy Eating Challenge.  Look to @SoloCup and slack for information on that.
  • Time change to 0530 coming August 11th for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • August recruiting is on!

6) Devotional

  • Appreciate the groups support as I struggled to ask that everyone keep @Farfegnugen, our young F3 brother who was hit by a car while running before kettlebells yesterday, in their thoughts as he goes through weeks of treatment, healing and physical therapy and give thanks that while it was bad it was not worse.
  • I didn’t mention this at the COT but I meant to so I’ll do it now… please also keep in your thoughts those F3 members who were also running at the same time and came upon the scene of the accident.  Most if not all of them are fathers and seeing a child seriously injured and not being able to help will take some time to process.


#Tclaps to @FlipPhone, @Wexler, @Pocahontas, @Gamma, @Talladega and @Tumbler for the prerun.  Also to @Gapper and @Starsky for their run that was not pre.  Finally to @UneasyRider and @TheMagnificent for the preruck.

Thank you all for allowing me to lead my first bootcamp this morning.  It wasn’t perfect but I think it got the job done.

Over the last 6 years this group of guys has had such an impact on my life that I can’t say it enough how grateful I am.  I also can’t imagine the shape I would be in (mentally as well as physically) without all your support and encouragement… through bad weather, poor physical condition, difficult work schedules, injuries, winter hibernations, races, etc.  A special thanks to @Gamma for being there that first Saturday in 2014 when I showed up and he led us all down the hill from the pavilion, across the football field, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, repeat until tired, back across the football field, around the track and back up the driveway to my first COT.  It showed me that this was a amazing group that is not just worried about working out but of accomplishing something bigger.  A place without judgement and one where I needed to be.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.

Sheepdog out!



  1. SheepDog

    As always guys, a pleasure to be allowed to lead.

  2. DrLecter

    Great lead! Congrats on 6 years and thanks for getting me involved in such a great organization.

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