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F3 MeCa | August 7, 2020

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12 Schweddy Bells

  • When: 05/29/20
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Sheep Dog, Gamma, Espresso, Clueless, TBone, Wexler, Bear Claw, Dick Tracy, Solo Cup, Flip Phone, Dr. Lechter, Exit54, with pre-run guest appearance by Starsky

A dozen of the finest men for yards around got a heavy dose of humidity with a side of kettlebells, and in honor of our newly-minted 38 year old, a little running thrown in as well.


SSHs x25
Mountain Climbers x15
Air Squats x10

Main Event
5 rounds of 10 exercises with a run in between each round:
5 reps of each, run to the cars and back
10 reps of each, run to the shelter and back
20 reps of each, run to the end of the lot and back
10 reps of each, run to the shelter and back
5 reps of each, run to the cars and back

The exercises were:
Crossover Burpees
Sumo Squats
Triceps Extensions
Single Arm Chest Presses
Pullover Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks (w/KB pressed)
High Rows

LBCs w/KBs x25
Flutter Kicks w/KBs pressed x30
Pretzel Crunches x15


1. Well that sucked.

2. Big group for the pre-run (I believe Clueless, Espresso, Sheep Dog, Wexler, TBone, Dr. Lechter, Gamma, Flip Phone, Bear Claw, Starsky). May have missed one or two, but all I know I had an 8 minute head start on Espresso and he caught me at the end. DT got a post mile run as well.

3. Strong work by all. I believe most got in at least three rounds, with TBone and Exit at least close to finishing all five. May have to try that one again sometime, preferably without the 137% humidity.

4. Almost daily coffeeteria in the same spot for two months, but suddenly we’re creeps for being there. On the upside, Espresso got a quick education on interpersonal relationship management as taught by App State, and Flip Phone learned some new exercises for his Rail Yard Q tomorrow.

5. Speaking of Creep, that would make a great nickname….or maybe not.

6. 21 and counting already for the big race, with 20 paid…and a couple donors. Some serious side bets being thrown out there. Wexler/FlipPhone may be the race to watch, with a palatial waterfront estate in Flint, MI on the line.

7. My extinction lap could possibly coincide with the time beer is available. Sounds like Sheep Dog will be right there with me!

8. Q-schedule is wide open for June…and Kojak carries a taser. Do the math.


  • On May 29, 2020


  1. SheepDog

    Excellent beatdown this morning, @GAMMA. The gloom is intensified when you feel you’re swimming on “dry” land. And despite how many laps we get in on race day as soon as Percent opens then I’m on a bar stool. I’m just saying.

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