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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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  • When: 12/11/19
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Banjo Boy, Gamma, Cowpens, TarTar, Solo Cup and Dick Tracy

That’s the number of raindrops 5 men felt during the run, for all those keeping score at home.

With varying speeds (the Q being on the low end), plan was a simple out-and-back with a couple options to stay together(ish) without the leaders having to circle back. Route was up Morehead, left on RRC, down Crestview and back, then to the end of RRC and back, heading down Crestview once again then back to Town Center. Runners would turn around each of the three times the leaders would get back to them. Clear as mud, but it worked, with the leaders getting 5 miles and the six getting around 3.5-4 miles, all back promptly at 0615.


1. Good to see folks not concerned about the possibility of rain or a slow Road Warrior Q. But seriously, thanks for coming out. Bad morning for a solo run!

2. He’ll deny it, but Solo Cup is getting fast again…at the very least he’s moved back from fastest-slow-kid to slowest-fast-kid.

3. Cowpens is back. Still a little tightness in the back, but two runs in two days is a strong return, especially with visions of a 10k dancing in his head.

4. Rare Road Warrior appearance by Tar Tar, who announced up front “I hate running, but came out to support you.” Thanks brother!

5. Banjo Boy with the 70’s knee-high socks for the win (still didn’t slow him down).

6. Thanks to DT for joining us at COT and taking us out.

Happy Wednesday!

  • On December 11, 2019


  1. Strong work this morning. Great to see “non-runners” give Road Warrior a shot.

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