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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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Lots of Ladders

  • When: 04/20/19
  • QIC: Escalade
  • The PAX: Judge Ito, Scooter, Gapper, Wexler, Hootie, Teen Spirit, Exit 54, Escalade

8 Men posted at The Rail Yard today to get stronger and look for unfound eggs.

Here’s how it went:

Warm Up: 

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Imp Storm Troopers

At the shelter in cadence:

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Incline Merkins
  • 10 Decline Merkins
  • 10 Step Up each leg

Ladder 1:  Heart Rate Hill  counting by 2

  • 10 Dips at Shelter
  • 2 Burpees at the pond

Jack Webb

Mosey to Prison Yard

Ladder 2:  On Field run to fence and counting by 1

  • 10 Dips
  • 1 Evil SSH

Mosey around field to the hill

Ladder 3:   On the other field running to 1/2 field and counting by 2

  • 10 Merkins
  • 2 Evil SSH

Ladder 4:   On the hill running to fence and back and counting by 1

  • 10 Merkins
  • 1 Squat

Quadriphilla for 4 min.

Mosey the long way to Mary with some defensive slides mixed in


  • 10 Pretzel Crunch each leg
  • 10 WW2 sit ups
  • 10 Freddie Mercury
  • Repeato
  • 15 W
  • 15 Squirm
  • 15 Low Flutter
  • 15 Mason Twist
  • 1 min plank.


Thanks for posting today guys!   The weather was between cold and not cold… Perfect for a beatdown.

Great to see Hootie back out for a beatdown after the Boston Marathon!  Gotta build up those soccer arms again.

Tough crew today,  we made it through the entire workout and even the optional stuff I didn’t think we would have time for.   Good effort by everyone.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Easter.


  • Escalade


  1. escalade

    Sound off below if I missed anything! Have a great weekend.

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