Sound of Music Speed

The hills were alive in this Good Friday edition of Speed. Quick disclaimer given and we were off.

The Thang:

Warmup mosey through middle school parking lot alternating butt kickers, high knees, Stoli skips and some bounding.

Curb touches – forwards to curb, quadraphelia back, every parking spot for first half of lower middle school parking lot

Curb touches – shuffle to curb and back, every other parking spot for second half of lower middle school parking lot.

Mosey to golf course and then to driving range hill by the big net.

Sprint up to top, mosey back down x 2

Sprint halfway up, quadrapehlia the rest, mosey back down x 2

Quadraphelia all the way up, mosey back down x 2

Sprint all the way up, mosey back down

Mosey to cart path intersection that heads down to bridge over pond.

Partner 1 plank at top while Partner 2 does 50% effort run down over the bridge, Partner 2 plank until Partner 1 arrives. Partner 2 run back up the hill at 50% effort while Partner 1 planks. Repeato at 75% effort and then AYG.

Mosey to Skyline alternating sprint and mosey at each light pole. Sprint up Skyline to first light pole, mosey back. Sprint to 2nd light pole, mosey back.

Mosey back to start for Mary.

COT (colon of trust – think punctuation mark)



1. Thanks to Poutine for joining this morning and keeping me from doing a Solo Speed. I wouldn’t have done half of that if it was just me…

2. Lift up prayers for Joel Escalante, friend of Poutine.

3. Although Stoli named exercises were performed, Stoli was not present.

4. Remember the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ today. Don’t skip the cross and jump right to Easter. Contemplate his crucifixion and death today. If you do, the joy of Easter will be so much sweeter…


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  1. Pavarotti

    Great stuff, Turkey. Thx for stepping up and showing up! I’m glad you had company too.

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