3rd Round KO

10 of Harrisburg’s finest and a single lone wolf from the DawgHouse Boyz ventured out to the #Railyard to see what kind of shtuff we could get into.  As it turned out, there was not much to it, but plenty to do all wrapped in one.

To be honest, YHC was expecting a whole pack of Dawgs to show up today and bask in the glory of their commanding victory in the Food Pantry Showdown.  Surprisingly, the entire Dawg House pax, with the exception of @Talladega, were KO’d from the haymakers delivered at the workouts earlier this week at the hands of Harrisburg Q’s, @Flip Phone and @Solo Cup.  Anywho, @Talladega would soon regret the fact that he didn’t bring any of his boyz to this beat down.

YHC came in hot from the early run with about 2 minutes to spare before the opening bell. As the clock struck 7:00, YHC declared it time and off we went down the hill to circle up in front of the library.  For the first time in like 5 years, @Chaos was parked, out of his car, and waiting on the rest of the pax.  YHC was so surprised, I shot out the high 5 to both he and @Big Bird as they fell in with the group.  @DT is still using @Swami’s clock, so he pulled in just as we were half-way down the hill.

As we circled up, a brief disclaimer was given…yada, yada.

In the opening round (Warmup), we delivered some quick jabs, just to loosen up:

10 SSH’s (IC), 10 Merkins (IC), 20 Mountain Climbers, and 12 Air Squats (IC).

After @DT strolled up, we moseyed back toward the cars, stopping at the bottom of the hill up to the upper lot.

For the second round, we lunge walked up the hill.  @Solo Cup has coined this the stone drag #MostImpressive.

At the top of the hill, we moseyed on over to the shelter where we planked up and the directions were given:

Round Three:

At the shelter perform:

10 Derkins

20 Dips

10 Single Leg Squats (each leg)

Run down to the #PrisonYard for:

10 Pull Ups

10 WWII sit ups

10 Knee ups

Rinse and Repeat

This was truly a workout that you could get what you want to out of.  According to #BeijengFui, YHC kicked him in the arse today.  YHC was quick to correct him.  YHC gave you the shoe, you chose to kick your own arse, again and again and again. That was true for the entire pax today. YHC didn’t see anybody give up, not even close.  YHC could tell things were getting tough in the later rounds…the banter started to pick up a bit as people started to give their muscles a little more time to recover.  @Dick Tracy got the quote of the day when talked about the time when @Clueless spotted him on some pullups…”The last time I did these @Clueless held me like a baby.  He didn’t even mind that I had sh@t my diaper and poop was coming up my back.”  The only thing better than this was @Scooter’s reaction to hearing this while trying to knock out a few more pull ups.

As we carried on, about 45 minutes into this non-sense, the fight was called.  That’s right @Talladega doubled over at the shelter and knelt down and prayed for the 10 count to come.  There are no 10 counts today.  The last of the mighty Dawgs had fallen.

We all gathered back up at the shelter and did one final round and then circled up for Mary.

Mary consisted of:

10 Vee Ups (IC), 10 Reverse Crunches (IC), 8 Vee Ups (IC) per @Scooter’s request, 10 Mason Twists (IC)…Plank for 15 seconds.

@Dick Tracy took us out…thank you for that.

Announcements / Prayers:

  1. @Tupperware’s M is headed in to deliver their child.  Prayers for them that all goes smoothly
  2. @Meltdown’s mother and their family
  3. @Clueless’s nephew…Davis and their family as they also grieve the loss of his uncle.
  4. The workout next week may be moved to Town Center due to the Harrisburg 5K/10K.  Be on the lookout for further announcements
  5. Good luck all those that are going to kill the Spartan.  Wise choice not showing up today
  6. @Talladega has unlocked the secret to marriage.  YHC is pushing him to come out with a book ASAP.  I think the title is going to be “Know Your Roll,” but it is still up in the air.  Look for it soon on Amazon, like it Facebook, tweet it out, follow it on Insta-pot…and all that stuff.


In all seriousness, hat’s off to the Dawg House for taking Harrisburg to the woodshed in the Food Pantry Posedown….you guys definitely deserve a congratulations.  As far as the workout goes, there is no way that YHC would put in half of the effort that I put in if it were not for this group.  Thank you for letting me lead every once in a while, it is always an honor.  My deepest apologies to @Exit69 for the monotony of this one, but the mental grind did 90% of the sharpening today.  The other 20% came from the heart and muscles.

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  1. Talladega

    Yes, I was doubled over, praying for the oxygen tent and 8am. Bull never fails to deliver the physical pain as well as the mental as he laps you during the circuit. As for the book, like an F3 workout, my ways are merely a suggestion and do them at your own risk. I won’t put them in print, too afraid my wife will read them- gotta ask in person.

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