Legends of the Gloom

15 HIM set out this morning to improve themselves and encourage the men around them to do the same. YHC rolls into the parking lot to find FNG Aaron standing by his truck dressed for a nice long run in the sub 30 degree temps. Probably not going to need that today but come join us anyway.

After a reasonable Disclaimer for the FNG’s sake, we set off into the gloom. As we head towards the basketball court, Sugar references YHC’s OCD for repetitiveness and thus, a quick loop around the playground is needed to “change things up” a bit.

  • Circle up at the basketball court (of course) for Warmarama
  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Imperial Storm Troopers x 15
  • Cotton Pickers x 10
  • Windmills x 10

Plank it up until someone volunteers for tomorrow’s M3 Q. Only took about 5 seconds as The Bear quickly stepped up. Darn, I was actually hoping this would take a lot longer. Side note: still need Qs for next week Thursday Bootcamp and Friday M3!!

The Thang

  • Mosey to the student drop-off entrance where the ladder of legends begins
  • Starting with 10 Jack Webb’s in cadence (air press + merkins)
  • 50 meter mosey
  • 20 Apollo Ohno’s on your own
  • 50 meter mosey
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s in cadence
  • 50 meter mosey
  • 20 Bobby Hurley’s on your own
  • 50 meter mosey
  • Back to the beginning for round 2 that is the same exercises, but decrease the incadence counts by 1 and the on your own by 2.
  • Running out of time so with 4 reps to go on the Jack Webb’s, we stay and finished the ladder

Finish the round with 8 Apollo Ohno’s, 4 Freddie Mercury’s and 8 Bobby Hurley’s (and appropriate moseying) before heading back for some alphabet soup Mary

  • 10 V-Ups on your own
  • 10 W’s in cadence
  • Finish by spelling the alphabet with your feet. Whatever alphabet you want, capital, lowercase, cursive, Times New Roman, Courier New. Endless options to choose your own adventure.
  • Recover, recover


  • I Love My City presented by Kilowatt. April 26th is a chance to help out the community we all call home. Volunteer at a service project in the area or help get one started. Manwich expressed interest in one at the AO. Read more here or talk to Kilowatt for details.
  • Repeating the above: Need Qs for April. It’s getting warm. No excuses.
  • Prayers for Marie Callender’s family and the loss of his Mother-in-Law and the unspoken prayers we all have.


  • Multiple Pax confirmed that weather apps said 50+ degrees this morning. Multiple Pax also confirmed that cars said sub-50 degrees. YHC rode his bike and that breeze definitely felt closer to 40 than 50. Still better than 30 though so I will keep the complaining to a minimum.
  • 2+ miles covered this morning 50 meters at a time. Great job by all. A bit of mumblechatter to go along with the work.
  • The Pax quickly caught on to the ladder theme and repeating of exercises. Anybody notice it was all names?
  • Great job by FNG Aaron. Welcome, keep coming back.
  • This beatdown was modified from Gunny’s backblast yesterday. Spared you some running. You’re welcome.

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