The Looooongest Ladder

Disclaimer: I have been snooping around on the Concord Chanel and read Homelands BackBlast from yesterday and it is spectacular. I must tell you it will be a hard act to follow, but here it goes. The Kannon Gents did not have the drama of the last minute shot or an old guy making a come back, we just had sweat. I will do my best to recall the events from the early Kannon Gloom in which 6 brave PAX stepped up and stepped out to see what the QIC had for them on this cool crisp dark morn. 5 arrived counting YHC and just as we began to pull out, there from the shadows appeared the ever amazing Backdraft in all his radiance with the Kannon shovel flag. We all paused as he planted old glory in the ground and took off to Memorial Park to honor those who paved the way for our freedom.

Traditional Warmaroma:


Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Grandmasters favorite: Arm Circles


Simple this morning:

1/2 mile mosey to “Bear Crawl Alley”. I believed this intimidated FireChicken as he is not a fan of the bear crawl, no worries just the starting point.

The Ladder:

Jack Webbs – 10 Descending

Approximate 1/4 mile run from “Bear Crawl Alley” to “Switzerland” for those familiar with the AO.

Feddie Merks – 10 IC Ascending


PAX got in a little over 3 miles going up and down the ladder.


Broga stretch, getting the men ready for the GOMR.


Prayers lifted up for members and families. No announcements.


Nothing special, but the PAX gave it their all this morning. The Beatdown was more of a run than anything with not much of a rest with the Jack Webbs and the Freddie Merks. YHC was in the six, because he was working out with several studs including 2 other Respects besides himself. Red Oak hung with the QIC in the six not because he had to, but because he wanted to, we go way back. As FireChicken and SirTopem disappeared into the gloom and a few minutes later reappeared heading the other way, myself and Red Oak began to reminisce about us 20 years past. Red Oak use to be a big out of shape dude but after a blip on an EKG at the age of 30 he decided to change. He lost about 70 pounds that year and has maintained ever since. He can still get it at 52 years young. We see a light coming at us, wait, it is only Backdraft, another Respect who can make it happen. If you don’t believe it just ask him. Here comes The Burg out of the Gloom headed the other way just picking it up and putting it down, no complaints just work, that’s the way you do it. We have to end the fun about half way do to time, because the QIC wanted to actually have Mary for once to stretch out the old body. As you can see not much excitement, I’ll work on the drama for next time.

As always, it is an honor