Time after Time

9 of Harrisburg’s bravest screamed into the winds of the impending Snowpacolypse to explore the importance of Time and to have a ball!  Time is our most important resource.  Spend it wisely.


Warm Up

Mosey to the hill
SSH x20
IST x15
Windmills x10
Mt. Climbers X20

close up the circle and plank up

Shoulder Tap Plank while pushing a Medicine ball around the circle followed by a Merkin. X6


The Thang:

Merkin Suicides

  • Run down to the far Island – 20 Merkins
  • Sprint back to the beginning – 20 Merkins
  • Run to second farthest – 15 Merkins
  • Sprint back – 15 Merkins
  • Repeato down the lot 10, 5


Hill Ball

Line up shoulder to shoulder facing the hill

  • Pass off the Medicine ball to each Pax down the line and back up
  • End Pax runs up the hill and does 10 Squats with the Medicine Ball
  • Rest of Pax does AMRAP of called out exercises until original Pax returns
  • Repeato down the line while each Pax calls out a new exercise
  • SSH, Plank Jacks, Squats, WW2, Alternating Lunges, Slow Windmill, Plank Ins, C.D.D, Burpees (thanks Gamma…)

20 SSH


Bear Crawl Suicides

  • Bear Crawl to next island
  • Run down to the end of the lot
  • 10 Decline Merkins
  • Run Back to that island
  • Bear Crawl to next
  • Repeato down the lot


AMRAP Bucket Challenge

One bucket set up with Pax, another bucket set up half way down the parking lot

Line up next to each other facing the far bucket and begin AMRAP SSH.  Pax on the end of the line runs down to the bucket, retrieves a ball with the next exercise written on it,  runs back and shouts out the exercise as the next in line takes off.  Repeat through the line as we cycled through a mix of the following exercises:

  • SSH
  • V Ups
  • Plank Jacks
  • Plank Ins
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • LBC
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Finish by doing 20 reps of last exercise

Mosey back for Mary


  • Low Flutter X20
  • Pretzel Crunch X15 Each Side
  • Reverse Crunch X20
  • Low Dolly X20
  • Plank



  • Harrisburg 5k/10k Saturday April 13th.  This is a great local event as the whole town comes out.  Its a lot of fun! Sign up here! ‘If you want local races, you gotta run in local races’ – @riptide
  • @Exit54, @TotalPackage, and myself had an amazing time at the Get your Rear in Gear Speed for Need event.  The strength of these woman and their families is incredible!  Highly recommend participating in any of the Speed for Need Events.  You will get more out of it than you could possibly know!
  • Special prayers for @Clueless’ nephew, Davis Warren, and his family as they battle to whoop his Leukemia.
  • Special prayers for the young lady on @DickTracy’s daughters team as she continues her battle.
  • Special prayers for @Exit54’s coworker Alex Greenfield who was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  • Special Prayers for Amy Park and Jenny Klamforth, the two women we pushed at Get your Rear in Gear.  While Jenny is doing much better since October, Amy was told that there is nothing else they can do for her and she just needs to live her life to the fullest.


Today is the one year anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  I still can’t believe she is gone let alone that it has been a year.  I signed up to Q because I really didn’t think I would drag myself out of bed this morning and I knew that, today of all days, I would need it.  There have actually been a lot of times  when I have needed support and you guys have always been right there for me….whether you knew it or not.  Its always great knowing that whenever it all builds up, I have an outlet to get in a great work out along with some great laughs.

Grief is a weird beast that you never fully recover from and I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without you guys.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that support.  You never know what the guy next to you is going through.  I know I can never fully repay all that I have received from you guys, but I will continue to try to.  I think the last gift my mom gave me was understanding the importance of Time and how there is never enough and you can never get it back.  Make sure you spend your time wisely!


Thanks to all for coming out, pushing me, and allowing me the opportunity to lead!


Quote of the Day:

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs



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