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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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  • When: 02/08/19
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: TBone, Gamma, Practice, HotRack, DrLechter, Gapper, Deuce, Exit54, JackSparrow, BearClaw

10 men of The ‘Burg got out ahead of the Chick-fil-A morning traffic to present themselves for today’s kettlebell challenge, and all are better for it…or at least a little tired.

Light stretching
Slow Yurpees
Mountain Climbers x15

Main Event
Set of exercises, with reps of 16, 12, 8, 4 then 1-minute max reps (or to exhaustion, whichever came first); if you have multiple weights, use the heaviest for at least the 8 and 4 sets

1st Evolution
Cross-Over Mericans
High Rows
Side/Tri Push-Ups
Curls (palms up)
If you finish early, plank or take a lap

2nd Evolution (in the interest of time, skipped the set of 16)
Single Arm Bridged KB Chest Presses
Lunge Pulses
Front Raises
Dutch Cucumbers
Triceps Extensions
Reverse Curls (ie palms down)

No time for Mary


1. Good to see some new faces out at Harrisburg Iron – Hot Rack, Jack Sparrow. We’ll see you both next Friday!

2. I don’t remember who first took us over to the promised land, but the cushy astroturf is definitely the place to be for kettlebells! I noted the concrete can be tough on these old knees, to which Practice responded “gee, what are you going to do when you actually get old?” Good point. #doublerespect

3. Dr.Lechter is quietly becoming one of the strongest PhD’s around. I bet he kills it at the Annual Radiology Department Arm Wrestling Tournament! We start getting Klump out to Iron, and we win the PhD-Team-Olympics.

4. Tclaps to TBone for the pre-run; also great to see Exit54 jump over to help spot a fellow pax member.

5. Ask Gapper about doing Dutch Cucumbers with a ruck. That’s gold, Jerry! Gold! All joking aside, though, strong work as that definitely makes some of the exercises a bit more challenging. Nice job spearheading the canned food ruck yesterday as well.

6. Always humbled working out with Bear Claw. One look at his face and you know he’s giving it everything he has.

7. Two Deuce/Harrisburg sightings in one week! Great to see you around, sir. Now just get your old neighbor to join you for a visit sometime and all will be right in the world!

8. Good luck to all the Idiot runners tomorrow….especially those doing the Fellowship of the Idiots run (Bull, Exit54, FlipPhone, SSMinnow, TurfToe, Scooter, Pocahontas and Segundo). But seriously, as much as I joke about running/runners, I am thoroughly impressed by the drive and commitment you all have to your craft!

9. Hope to see everyone else out at The Rail Yard tomorrow as Big Bird returns to the helm. QSource Grinder afterwards at Rocky River Coffee, then if you can help, volunteers are still needed to help move the Food Pantry.


  • On February 8, 2019


  1. Strong work this morning.

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