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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Pre-Idiot Run, Idiots Still Welcome

  • When: 02/06/19
  • QIC: Exit 54
  • The PAX: Secret, Gamma, Wexler, Turftoe, SS Minnow, Strapless, Fig, Exit 54

Eight PAX strong for Exit’s first post-Iron Q Week / post-injury lead…


  • Head toward Roberta, turn left
  • Cross over 49, turn right on Oakley
  • Turn right at the end, turn left on 49
  • Cross the highway, turn right on Ford
  • Right on Williams, left on Valhalla
  • Left on Morehead, right on RRC
  • Right on Roberta, head back to the start


Temps in the high-40s, basically perfect conditions for Road Warrior – as evidenced by the strong turnout for both Wednesday workouts.  Your Q got a little overzealous with this off-the-cuff route, and we were a few minutes late getting back to the start.  My mistake, although the weather was so nice I didn’t really mind.  Really great effort by all this morning:

  • @Wexler in his first post since the rib injury on New Year’s Day.  He looked as strong as you could hope for, varying his speeds between a mosey and full sprint.
  • @Turftoe, @Fig and @Secret – hadn’t seen any of these guys in quite a while.  All appear to have been running over the recent months though.  Sounds like @Turftoe and I will be seeing more of one another at some upcoming races.
  • @SS Minnow and @Strapless both in the midst of training for various races but still willing to slum it with the masses at Road Warrior.
  • @Gamma was the not-so-little engine that could this morning.  Always steady and positive, and he pushed the pace for the group in the final stretch.

Thanks to all who were there this morning, it’s a pleasure to lead.  Good luck to my fellow Idiots on the big race this weekend.

/Exit 54

  • On February 6, 2019


  1. Enjoyed the run today. Thanks, fellas.

  2. Thanks for leading @Exit54 and circling back for me. I often ask for the route ahead of time so I can modify as needed, but I think not knowing it gives you extra incentive to try to keep up! Besides, it took all I had to try to stay with the guy who could hardly breathe due to a broken rib…

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