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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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OK to copy a good workout

  • When: 01/29/19
  • QIC: Hong Kong Phooey
  • The PAX: Escalade, Dr. Lecter, Peprika, Flip Phone, FNG (David Furrer), Dick Tracy, Practice, Tbone, Tar Tar, Scooter, Hong Kong Phooey

10 + 1 got out of the the fartsack, and came out to get a little stronger at the Ridge. A copied workout from Kojak went like this…

Mosey to back of parking lot for disclaimer

Squats x15, IST x15, Mountain climbers x10

Mosey to curb by practice field

The PAX did 3 rounds of suicides with 2 different exercises each round. PAX would do both exercises and then run the parking lines between each reps. PAX did different rep counts each round.
1st round: Merkins and Squats 25 –> 5 reps. start at 25 reps and decrease by 5 each line
2nd round: Seal claps and Flutter kicks 30 –> 50 reps. start at 30 reps and increase by 5 each line
3rd round: Mountain climbers and Calf raises 30 –> 10 reps. start at 30 reps and decrease by 5 each line

Mosey to bottom of hill, and I should have listened to Dick Tracy. There were big tracks on the hill that were better to avoid.  AFter finding a good spot on the hill.
10 Merkins at the bottom, quadraphilia up the hill, 10 squats at top, and repeat for 3 sets

Mosey to start

Freddy Mercurys 30x
Low Dollys 30x
LBC’s 30x
Low Flutter x30

Count off and Name-a-rama

COT (Thanks for taking us out Practace)

-Food pantry challange is going on now. AO that donates the most weight wins. Looser has to Q workouts of winning AO for 1 week.
Bring canned goods to rail yard on Saturday. Weigh them and lable the bag/box with the weight befor hand. We have to step it up fo a good cause.
– Gave day at orphanage coming up in 6 weeks

Strong work by all.

Welcome out FNG David! Dick Tracy says a nickname is loaded and ready for the Thursday work out.



  1. HongKongPhooey

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

  2. FlipPhone

    Nice lead HKP. T-claps on wearing 40# ruck for that workout. #strong

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