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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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F3Concord – Thursday 1/10/18 – Super Secret Beatdown with Finishline

  • When: 01/10/18
  • QIC: FinishLine
  • The PAX: Spud, Popeye, Total Package, Chicken Strips, Trick Daddy, Nails, Homeland, BCR, Hipbone, Finishline, The Count, Finishline, Private Ryan, Indy, Frostbite, Mountie, Freshcut, Deertick, Catfish

…Super secret because the preblast never made it out, but those who showed up for the clandestine mission instinctively knew. That’s how the real pax roll!

19 PAX

Warmup Belk

· 20 SSH

· 10 Windmills

· 20 Hill Billies

· 20 Mountain climbers

The Thang

· @ jcpenny side Group split in to 2 groups each person will run to far light pole till every one on team is done.

o While PAX is running the rest of the group will do pushups then alternate to dips then to Step ups after each person

o Losing group has to do 10 burpees while rest of pax jogs to light pole and back to stay warm

· Sears side

o 50 Line jump

o Broad jump parking spots

o 50 Line Jumps

· Food Court Side

o Speed bump to speed Bump Sprint

§ Pair up in to 2’s loser does 10 pushup’s winner planks

o Circle around and do it one more time

· Run the Stairs at the old club house

o At the top of the stairs WW2’s

o Flutter Kicks

o Crunches


· Stretching

· Left over right and right over left

· Stretch down the middle and to right and left

· Elbow Plan 60 secs

· Cobra


What a great morning I am so Thankful that I have the health and well being to get out here and exercise and enjoy this. I tried to mix some fun and competition into the workout to push ourselves. Also tried to keep us together as a PAX which made it challenging for the Q because I had to keep it moving and with some Vets out there, I wanted to make sure we all got a good workout. I am glad to be a part of this group and appreciate the support. Also wanted to call out Mighty Mouse for missing my Q he has been at all of my other ones.

  • On January 11, 2019

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