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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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2019 Arby’s Mud Ugly Bowl

  • When: 1/1/2019
  • QIC: Wexler
  • The PAX: Klump, Clueless, Astrovan, Town & Country, Riptide, Wave Runner, Bull, Tumbler, Scooter, Tupperware, Talladega, Ripkin (FNG), Spider Monkey (FNG), Exit 54, Dick Tracy, Hot Dog, Bear Claw, Dr. Lecter, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, Wexler

22 came out for a very slick, very ugly, ultimate football game.  Conditions were near pitch black at time of kickoff with the field somewhere between soaking wet and full on raging river.  Some of the Pax were slightly hesitant but the 2.0s told us to muscle up and put it all out on the field.  Challenge accepted!

Warm up:

Disclaimer again

SSH X 20
Windmill X 10
IST X 15

The Thang:

Break into two teams, quick trade, everyone waits while YHC tries repeatedly to put a pinney on and we are off!  Team that scores does 10 SSH, team that gets scored on does 10 Squats.  Not the toughest exercises but burpees and merkins would have had us elbow deep in the mud.

Team Pinney took off like a rocket scoring at will.  @Bull changed his name to Blur as he was all over the field.  Team Non Pinney started screaming how unfair these teams were!  @Tumbler replies by ripping off one of his cleats to even things up on one foot.  Didn’t matter as the scores keep coming.  It got so bad at one point that @Clueless gave up on the game and showed off his mad Slip N Slide skills covering half the field on one dive.

Team Pinney says ‘Fine, to give you a chance, we will let all 2.0 TDs count for 2 points.’  Almost on cue, @Town&Country and @WaveRunner take over the entire game.  Slicing up our defense as if they were playing against a bunch of old men.  @Dicktracy started directing the team like a WW2 General!  To @Klump, to @Riptide to @Talladega @Hotdog cutting up our defense like it was Thanksgiving all over again..and we were the turkeys.

Obviously we couldn’t let this continue so we came up with the strategy to have @Exit54 clamp down on @Town&country.  That kinda backfired.  @Tupperware says enough is enough and starts clamping down on defense knocking passes left and right.  @Scooter realizes he is the tallest on the field and starts using the height to his advantage on both offense and defense

Now we have a game!  Back and forth teams imposing their will.  @Ripkin to @Bearclaw, everyone playing their part on both sides of the ball.  Bearclaw apologizes for dropping a pass.  As YHC tries to point out that everyone is dropping passes, the ball helps me explain by flying right through my hands and bouncing off my face.

Team Pinney gets the ball back and moves right back down the field.  YHC puts a move on @Town&Country for the ages and breaks free, @Bull sees me pulling away and lofts up the perfect pass for what will surely be another TD, if not the play of the game/century.

Not fully sure what happened next but everything suddenly slowed down, a choir of angles broke out in song as my entire body was lifted up about 20 feet in the air…it was like I was flying…soaring above the clouds…I could see all the way to The Ridge (where I suddenly wished we had moved back to for a beatdown)…as I was slammed back into the ground with the force of 100 kettlebells, on what appeared to be the only rock hard solid part of the field.  Snap back to reality, oops there goes gravity, and my breathe and most of the feeling on my left side.

Stand up, yeah yeah fine fine.  (Omg I cant breathe) but kids are around so look tough and slowly walk in confusing circles on one side of the field so no one knows anything is wrong…not sure they bought it.

Back to the game!  Team NP drives right down the field for what looks like an easy touchdown  to @Astrovan, but @DrLecter has other plans as he comes out of nowhere and …falls right on his six…ending in a very easy touchdown to Astrovan.

Team P knows they need to catch up quick and devise a brand new strategy by breaking out the secret weapon…@SpiderMonkey!  Team NP had no answer as the dashing young lady put on an array of moves that would make Gwen Stacey proud.  TD after TD she pulled us back into the game until capping it all off by catching the game winning TD!  and the Crowd goes wild!


‘Hey Dr. Lecter, you are a doctor right?’   ‘I’m not THAT kind of doctor.’  NOW he tells us…

Great game out there everyone!  Always a lot of fun even with the bumps and bruises.  Especially having all the 2.0s out there.

Thank your for letting me lead and continuing to push me.  I am very grateful for F3 and for all you do for me.   I wish you all nothing but the best in 2019!

My apologies for missing three 2.0’s names.  Get them to me and I will update.

Today’s Quote of the Day:  “May your troubles be less, May your blessings be more, and may nothing but happiness walk through your door!”  – Irish Blessing



  • On January 1, 2019


  1. Bearclaw

    @Wexler, you’ve been on my mind all day. You took an awful spill. Hope you get better.

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