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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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For 41

  • When: 12/06/2018
  • QIC: Kojak
  • The PAX: Practice(R), Gamma, HKP(R), Clueless, Gapper, Bearclaw(R), Dr. Lecter

8 of the ‘Burg select didn’t let the chilly temps keep them in the fartsack and headed to the Ridge for some work.  With the impending snow apocalypse upon us these HIM’s wanted to get in a beatdown while they could.  It went down like this…………….



IST x 20

Mountain climbers x 15


The PAX did 3 rounds of suicides with 2 different exercises each round.  PAX would do both exercises and then run the parking lines between each reps.  PAX did different rep counts each round.

1st round:  Merkins and Squats 25 –> 5 reps

2nd round:  Seal claps and Flutter kicks 30 –> 50 reps

3rd round:  Mountain climbers and Calf raises 30 –> 10 reps



Freddy Mercurys x 41

Low Dollys x 41

LBC’s x 41


Count off and Name-a-rama





–All the kids and supplies are covered for the Christmas Party so if you would still like to help out then donations are gladly accepted.  Send it to YHC( or Flipphone( on PayPal.

–The Gremlin in coming up January 19th so check out the PB at the top of the screen.  Volunteers are definitely going to be needed so let Wexler, Practice, or Scooter know if you can help out.



–Hab’s Father

–My M’s cousin, Amy, who has a reoccurrence of breast cancer



–Don’t let the Respects fool ya.  Bearclaw and Practice were killin it out there.  YHC couldn’t keep up with Bearclaw the first round.

–Even though he is a Respect in number only HKP was leading from the start and doing extra work each round.  His enthusiasm to workout motivates me each time.

–I know he says that running is stupid but Gamma just keeps getting faster.  Must be all that extra weight he carries around in his backpack.  Thanks for the pre-work brother!!!

–Dr Lecter was silent but was flying through each round with ease.  Must be that awesome beard!!!!

–Even though he said he had on 30 extra pounds of clothes Clueless surely didn’t move like he did.  It’s a test each time for me to try to come up with something that even challenges the machine known as The Clueless.

–I told Gapper the other day that this workout would be ruck compliant but at the time I had no idea what I had planned.  Didn’t matter to him at all.  He’s definitely getting stronger and there was no quittin’ with him.  I’m looking forward to the GoRuck stuff planned for next year with Gapper.

–The 41 reps during Mary were for our 41st President, George H.W. Bush, who passed away last week.  Still hard for me to grasp joining the military on your 18th birthday and heading off to fight for your country but that’s what he did.  He served this country with honor and dignity and put God first.  RIP President Bush.


  • On December 6, 2018


  1. Practice

    Great beatdown Kojak! Thank you for your leadership and for motivating us all to keep our game at a high level.

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