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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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I Entered a Title Here

  • When: 11/17/18
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Tupperware, Gamma, Gapper, Big Bird, Oz, Tumbler

6 men accepted the challenge and posted despite the temps….1 for a Bull Ruck and 2 others posted for the Bull Run (Solo Cup had to go squeeze blood out of a turnip and Pocahontas may still be out there running as I type this).

Slow mosey out to the island
SSHs x20
Slow Air Squats x15
Mericans x10

Main Event
Down to the soccer field parking lot, for a 3-Man Grinder using the driveway, consisting of:
Mericans/Air Squats
Burpees/Reverse Crunches
Mountain Climbers/Plank

To the bottom of the steep corner hill
Bear Crawl halfway up
(Incline) Mericans x5
Rotate around to 6:00
(Decline) Mericans x5
Around to 12:00, then Bear Crawl rest of the way up
Sprint down the hill, across the field and back
Repeat with Mericans x5 at 3:00 and 9:00 (ie, staggered Mericans)
Repeat with Diamond Mericans x5 at 12:00 and Wide Mericans at 6:00

Backward Run up the hill then down, 10 Hand-Release Mericans
Backward Run up the hill then down x2, 10 Hand-Release Mericans
…up to Backward Run up the hill then down x5, 10 Hand-Release Mericans

To the island
10 Burpees, take a lap around
8 Burpees, take a lap around
Repeat with 6, 4, 2

Fellowship mosey back to the cars for Mary
LBCs x25
Flutter Kicks x25


1. Thanks for coming out. With so many events going on today, was preparing for a solo-post, but glad these other five answered the bell.

2. Tumber: “What year did you graduate from that high school?”
Tupperware: “Seven”
Tumbler: “Huh…ninety-seven?”
Tupperware: “no, two-thousand-seven”
Tumbler: “I’m officially old”

3. Oz is half the man he used to be….or at least 30# less. Something about paying attention to what he eats. I thought, well I pay attention to everything I eat, but I don’t think that’s what he meant.

4. Strong work by Big Bird…the climb back up into that monster truck probably wasn’t easy.

5. Tclaps to Gapper for the double-down. Nice job spearheading the SFN event today!

6. Good luck to all the Spartan Beast beasts today – Kojak, Wexler, Clueless, Talladega. Anyone else?

7. 5th Annual Harrisburg Turkey Bowl next Thursday, 0700 at Harrisburg Park. Bring a black and a white/light shirt if you can. Clueless is the Commissioner this year.

8. Finally, message for the day – be a catalyst for the change you want to see.


  • On November 17, 2018


  1. Thanks for coming out!

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