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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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No yurpees were rushed in the making of this workout

  • When: 09/21/18
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Helga, Dr. Lechter, Teen Spirit, Practice, Gamma, Uecker, Kojak, Wexler, Clueless, TBone, Flip Phone

Where 11 or more gather in Harrisburg Iron’s name, weights will be lifted.

…or something like that. Either way, 11 gathered and weights were in fact lifted.

High Knees
Arm Circles
-Pax Member: “Hey Q, what about the running?”
-Q: “Hi, I’m Gamma, have we met?”
(Enter Exit54’s Hillbilly plug in 3…2…1…)
Triceps Stretches
The Slowest Yurpee Ever
Mountain Climbers x20

Main Event – Power Sets
Continuous motion hitting different body parts; focus on form over speed and full range of motion; if you have to modify, lower the reps, don’ sacrifice form
Round 1
5 Curls, right into 5 Shoulder Presses, right into 5 Triceps Extensions
Repeat with 10, 15, 20, 10
SSHs x20

Round 2
Same thing with Skull Crushers, Chest Presses and Sit Ups
SSHs x20

Round 3
Same thing with Sumo Squats, Dead Lifts and High Rows (modified the Dead Lift reps for safety)
SSHs x20

10 KB Side Triceps Pushups
10 Curls (palms up)
10 Single Arm KB Presses (each side)
10 Lawn Mowers (each side, with elbows out)
10 Burpee Cross-over Thingys (down, KB Merican, cross over, KB Merican, then up….a crowd favorite)


1. Favorite workout of the week. Great to be back out with you guys!

2. Always entertaining to hear what music comes out of Clueless’ phone. With the disclaimer of “hey, it’s free Pandora” we started with what apparently was a Metallica cover band from New Dehli, India. It got better with some Guns ‘n Roses…you know, like from when TBone was in elementary school.

3. Great to have Uecker visiting from the Dawg House.

4. Congrats to Practice and his M on their 33rd wedding anniversary today, and I guess to Teen Spirit as well! #showtoknow

5. Solid work by the pre-runners – Clueless, Flip Phone, TBone and Wexler.

6. Q-Source Grinder tomorrow, 0830 at Rocky River Coffee (after Rail Yard); Murph on Monday.

Pax tibi,

  • On September 21, 2018


  1. Teen Spirit

    That was a well balanced workout. It had just a flair of Clueless like stretching hiding in there. Thank you for the exertainment.

  2. Practice

    Great beatdown Gamma! Thanks for showing us some new ways to do some ole standbys. And thanks for sharing your kettlebell experience with the PAX. It’s a good lead into the Grinder on Saturday.

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