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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Hillbilly Reboot

  • When: 07/13/18
  • QIC: Loophole
  • The PAX: Ito, FlipPhone, Loophole

Sometime you have to slog through the bad to get to the good.  3 of the finest came out to sweat, talk robots, hip extensions and contraband.

The thing-

Run to the end of snow and back – Pass @Exit54 on the way

Back to the pool loosely formed stations Tabatta of sumo squats, triceps extensions and hip extensions.  @Exit54 shows up again but we never see him leave?  Was he even there?



Streetlight 5k this tonight in downtown Concord, its a Speed for Need event.
Prayers for Escalade’s family


Lot of discussion on running form.  This even led to one of the workout stations.  Everyone has their own and its pretty distinct.  Believe ITO may try to mimic the @Bull2 stride here soon.

If you find contraband in your yard, its okay to put it in your neighbors trash can. It’s no more yours than his.

Bear Claw warned me that he may not be there today due to a late night work IT project he was implementing.  The lights came on this morning, so it must have gone well, but we missed him!

The Ladies Swim Club was a little lighter, er thinner, er less people in attendance today #FartSackers

Strong work from everyone out there today.  Good to have some conversation today!  Nice work all!




  1. FlipPhone

    Good one guys. Enjoyed it.

  2. Bearclaw

    Thanks @Loophole. Sorry to miss the conversation and the workout.

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