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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Mission to Mars

  • When: 07/06/18
  • QIC: Loophole
  • The PAX: Loophole

The “Stars” in the sky matched the number of “Stars” who came out to the Hillbilly-  Zero!  Mars was bright in the sky, but its orange tint gave it away as not being a true star.  Neither am I, but I did work out for 40 minutes anyway.  Maybe the rest of the Bradford Park Pax are in Hyper-sleep on their mission to Mars.  Would you actually go on a mission to Mars if offered?  What if there is life up there and we just don’t know what we’re looking for?  With the expansion of robotics are we heading towards a Wall-E type society?  40 minutes is a long time with your thoughts!

The Thing-

5:30-5:35- waiting to ensure no other Pax arrived

5:35 – Run up Revere to Moody

Left on Moody, to the cul-de-sac and back up all the way to where Moody hits Millen

Turn around at the end of Moody and return to the pool via Revere.

When at the pool, work the ladder of Merkins, WWIIs and air squats down from 10.

6:15 – end


Strava wasnt working so not sure how much distance the loop was.

Next week we/I may only do to the top of Revere and back to give more time for the ladder.

Good to see the ladies of the swim team out putting in the work at 0600. Senior games must be closing in; gotta get the synchronized swimming routine down.




  1. Loophole

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

  2. FlipPhone

    Nice! T-claps to you for sticking it out and not walking back to bed, since you live so close. We need to get @Teenwolf out of hibernation.

    @Ito was probably sleeping soundly with his mallet under his pillow just waiting for the next case.

    @Exit54 was probably running 2000 feet of elevation to get ready for #BRR2018, or changing diapers – it’s a coin toss.

    • Loophole

      Sleep was definitely considered during the 5 minute wait! @Bearclaw was the one i really expected to be there!

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