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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2019

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Guinness showed us the Irish Cotton Picker

  • When: 03/05/2018
  • QIC: King Louie
  • The PAX: Guinness, Sterling, Titan, Billboard, Maximus, King Louie

6 men showed up this morning for the first monkey king beatdown in a while, and they left not disappointed. First was an awkward disclaimer as YHC tried to put gloves on at last minute due to the pains of 30 degree kettlebells. This worked as a good way for @Sterling to arrive a bit late but not be too behind the rest of us.

A brief mosey was had around the church, and then we circled up for Warmorama:
SSH x 20
IST x 11
Cotton Picker x 10 (Guinness performed the Irish / Guinness version of them)
Mountain Climbers x 10 (AKA the Irish/Guinness Cotton Picker)
Low Slow Merkins x 5
Windmill x 10
Arm Circles
Low slow squat x 10 (with 2 holds at the bottom position, 30s for the first, ~15s for the last)
Michael Phelps

Bearcrawl to curb, run back to middle line. Bearcrawl to curb, run backwards to middle line

Mosey back to the bells for….

The Thang:
Swing x 20
Curls x 20
Press x 20
Extenions x 10
Swing x 10
Extenions x 10
High Pull x 10
Swing x 10
High Pull x 10

Carry Bells to Pull Up Bars, Partner Up with similar KB weight.

P1: Double KB Manmakers x 10
P2: Hanging Leg Raise

P1: Double KB Swing x 10
P2: Curb Hops

P1: Double KB Shrugs x 10
P2: Dips

P1: Double KB Squat x 5
P2: 1 arm supine pull ups

Carry bells to Portico

Clean and Press + Lunge x 5 each side
Merkins to Wall Holds x 5 each dir/side
Single KB Clean + Squat x 10
Balls to Wall as long as you can (at this point YHC let a killer fart rip and discovered it would have been better to stay in balls to the wall position for another 2-3 minutes possibly….)
Dive Bomber Merkins x 10
Wall Sit ~30s with air press and chain breakers

Carry bells back to Pull Up Bars for….

Russian Twist x 13
LBC with bell x 15
Pretzel Stick x 10ea
Homer to Marge
Plank 60s

Thanks for letting me lead this morning, good to get back out and have everyone try out a few new / lesser used things as always.

King Louie


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